Me & @AshishJaggi_1 have filed FIRs against @adv_chandnishah @Cyber_Huntss (Sanjay ShyamSunder Soni) @s_sanatani (Umesh S. Soni) bros for Death Threats, Blackmailing & Extortion of Money Under Sec.66, 506 NON BAILABLE & 67A in @Navimumpolice @lkopolice @upcoprahul
FIRs were filed on 20th June & 22nd June but we didn't make it public. Our intention wasn't to gain fame, RTs, Likes or sympathy but to take action against racket. Since cops are calling them, they are rattled & releasing half truth. We have no option but make it public now.
I have been saying that I will expose RW girl who is a Fraudster but never named her as promised to @SureshNakhua. But things took ugly shape after I exposed @vibhor_anand. Their @ketto fundraiser, PIL Business was stopped & much more. They teamed up with two more scammers.
When we got to know their whole game plan, they started plotting against me & @AshishJaggi_1 to an extent that they planned my MURDER! When I got the proofs of planning, I decided to file FIR. Ashish ji was given death threats. These 2 anonymous handles & Chandni Shah conspired.
After investigation Police has found out that it's a racket of Doxxing, blackmailing & extortion. There are several illegal activities are found in their accounts & a lot more which I will disclose later. We will not tolerate this under the label of RIGHT WING.
These 7 people tried to defame ARMY VETERAN. I tweeted for the same. No one except Chandni & @vibhor_anand knew him. They were thrown out of Veteran Soldier's group. So the revenge? Well you'll hear from him soo also @HMOIndia. Sanjay & Umesh didn't know me. It is Chandni's game.
This gang has used many anonymous accounts who are merely 17 18 yrs of age. We called Ronak Kothari @krrrrrrishna to back off coz we knew his age. We put best efforts to make him understand but he didn't. Here's the call link of 26 mins. Why only 2 mins? 
Nevertheless we have decided to file another FIR on Ronak Kothari with @DIG_RATLAM_MP @krrrrrrishna's name as well. People who know me, know me for me being absolutely NO NONSENSE PERSON. WE WILL FIGHT FOR RIGHT & FIGHT FOR OUR DHARMA. These low life scums needs a lesson.
Such CRIMINALS do not belong to any WING. So let's not allow them to use RW OR HINDU DHARMA LABELS. Me & @AshishJaggi_1 were mentally tortured to another level. Umesh made me a SISTER & played games. They danced to Chandni's tunes. Both have criminal history in multiple cases.
Beta @krrrrrrishna Ronak, all this will not help now. We tried to help you and you got trapped in their game. We cared for your career. It shouldn't have been finished before it started. I told you to think about your family. You are 18 years old. But how does that matter?
Anyway, we will protect THE SPIRIT OF RIGHT WING AND HINDUTVA TILL THE LAST BREATH. Such people do exist. @vibhor_anand start counting your days now. Dharma is sacred for us. Do not dare to fool Hindus because we aren't fools.
We shall meet in Jail.
Jai Shree Ram🚩
Jai Hind🇮🇳
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