This is Prakash and his wife from a remote tribal village of Maharashtra. After 6 months of tracing them, I was finally able to connect to them recently. Prakash is partially blinded and is one of the few graduates of his village.
His tribe is one of those 190 tribes which were declared criminals by British govt under an act but later Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Nehru decriminalised them. His ancestors were forced to live in forests for more than a century. The depended on hunting for years.
Last year they discovered Chinese video apps. TikTok was one of these apps. They decoded the language in their own ways- K का मतलब वायरल, दिल का मतलब लाइक, बाण का मतलब शेयर.
They sold their cattle to buy smart phones and convinced their wives to dance with them. Prakash says that they wait for a bright sun, climb a small hill and sometimes go to the fields to create Bollywood like scenes.
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