🕉Ancient Kalaram Temple of Lord Rama,Panchavati area Nashik.The temple gets its name from Black Deity of Lord Ram with Ma Sita,LakshmanJi & HanumanJi at Entrance🚩 Lord Kalaram’s temple has 14 steps,which represents 14yrs of Vanavaas #IncredibleIndia (1/3) @chitranayal09
🕉Lord KalaramJi’s temple has 84 pillars, which represents cycle of 84 lakh species We have to take in order to get Human birth 🚩There is a very old tree that has Lord Dattatreya's footprint impressions marked on a stone 🚩(2/3) #MyBeautifulIndia @BharatTemples_ @harshdeshpremi
🕉 Lord Hanuman Ji’s temple is designed in such a way that Lord Ram's deity in the Sanctum can be seen straight by Lord HanumanJi from the entrance 🚩(3/3) #SanataniYoddha @Harsh__17 @AestheticRevive @History_Ink1008 @SanataniSociety @yashshiningstar
🕉Pics Credit : @kukukulkarni 🙏
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