So do folks with ADHD get super fixated obsessed with learning or doing something new, and live, breathe, and eat that thing for days to weeks and sometimes longer and then just drop it, not master it, and never touch it again?
Or does everyone do that but we just don't talk about it because we think we're mediocre or maybe are even mediocre at the thing?

Or is this NOT a normal thing.
This make me a little sad tbh. I used to paint, I did so much painting, played many instruments, made a video game, throw knives like a pro, could slingshot a grouse, developed deep obsessions with different genres of music, crocheted like a fiend, etc etc etc.
And I probably won't ever go back and take those things up again even though I always say I will, because I'm moving on to th next cool thing. Dang.
Also have learned that despite thinking I am so slick knowing when folks are into me I have actually always been terrible at it because I just figured no one was into me lol. Always came as a complete surprise.
I can't tell time on an analog clock very easily but I have a bizarre sense of time, like...have you ever worked at a deli and after a while you were able to estimate very accurately the weight of the deli meat you were cutting? Same with time, when cooking, speaking, teaching...
And I don't know my left from my right without making an L
These are probably not ADHD related but literally what do I know? Nothing.

I cannot being myself to care about "special dates" like bday and anniversaries and whatever and I feel so guilty about it because other people really do care.
I keep telling myself I don't have ADHD because I've made to adulthood and am relatively stable like, do I think ppl with ADHD are the equivalent of babies smoking cigarettes and riding motorcycles, it's not some sort of dangerous past-time.

But my brain is suspicious.
Serious internalised-ableism
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