Someone created an anonymous account on @GitHub with the sole purpose of adding @heyhey to spam lists. We will get these harassment PRs addressed, but please let me know if you notice any similar behavior elsewhere too ❤️✌️ 
We knew that getting into email was going to be a challenge. And we’ve already dealt with a bunch of malfeasance, but this one still puzzles me. Like, what do you get out of this? Just the spite? Was it because I said something mean about Bitcoin? 😂
Anyway, this is what you risk when you stick your neck out. You might end up pissing off some people! This is all the more reason why we need things like The Screener in more areas of our online lives.
Oh, how lovely. Now I’m also receiving what looks like attempts at identity fraud. Just really curious what the trigger was? Did a spy-pixel vendor lose a gig? Someone just a true Gmail Stan? I want to know the plot here! Gotta have a villain creation story with a twist!
But seriously. The problem with the Stan meme is that it’s actually a totally real thing, and it’s rather terrifying. Gavin de Becker’s The Gift of Fear details several of these Stan case studies, and their consequences. The meme is a lot less funny after reading that book.
Anyway, if you have any more leads on this harassment, please shoot me a DM. If these instances are connected, we need to do a full security escalation, which sounds like a real drag. But better safe than sorry!
I guess this Apple monopoly squeeze is just the threat that keeps threatening. We had no interest in creating this separate, free service in the first place. It’s there because Apple wouldn’t let us in to the App Store without it! I would be so ever pleased to do without it.
Talk about being between a rock (Apple) and a hard place (anonymous internet harassers). Isn’t the internet fun???
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