Remdesivir cash price: $2,340
Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid price: $3,120

Gilead says it’s a discount.

“This is entirely predictable. They take the highest number anybody has floated, they cut down a bit from there, and they say now they’re the good guys.”
Anyone in Hep C or HIV knows Gilead’s standard M.O. is to take federal funding to develop a drug, then charge Medicare/Medicaid as much as possible, thus double dipping on those good good taxpayer dollars.

HHS has already bought 500,000 doses.

And efficacy evidence is... mixed!
Just as Gilead acted like they were Christ come again for finally bowing to pressure to #BreakThePatent for Truvada a year early, they’re saying “well you KNOW, we COULD have charged $12,000 per course, but we DIDN’T because we PUT PATIENTS FIRST. Nobel peace prize, please.” 🥴
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