paul mccartney keeping his instruments through the decades, a thread
Gibson J-180 "Everly Brothers" signature acoustic guitar

There aren't any photos of him playing it recently that I could find, but he mentions it in an interview with musicradar in 2011, so he most likely still has it and plays it occasionally at home
Epiphone FT-79 Texan

He used it to perform "Yesterday" on the Ed Sullivan show in 1965, has been a favourite acoustic guitar of his. In 1976, he added a Detroit Red Wings ice hockey sticker, which was joined by a Pittsburgh Penguins sticker in 2010
1963 Hofner 500/1 Bass Guitar

This bass was the bass used by Paul during The Beatles' early albums (he had another model, but it was stolen in 1969). After the Beatles breakup, Paul rarely played it until 1989's Flowers In The Dirt, and it's been on the road ever since.
Epiphone Zenith Model 17

The first guitar Paul ever bought in 1956, he composed the "When I'm Sixty-Four" with it, and used it in very early Beatles concerts. It remains in his studio, and he last busted it out to record the music video for "Early days" in 2013
Rickenbacker 4001S

Paul got this bass in 1964, it was used as a backup in tours, but its first studio use was in 1966 with Revolver. He painted it in 1967, but stripped the finish in 1968. He used it onstage for a while, but never uses it anymore, possibly due to the weight
1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left Handed

Only 2 of these guitars are known to exist. One was sold at auction for $134,500, and the other is owned by Paul himself. I don't know how Paul managed to get it or how long he's had it, but he's been using it for a long time.
Epiphone Casino

I'm sure Paul has played dozens of Casinos, as its almost as synonymous with him as the Hofner bass, but when Paul plays Paperback Writer live, he uses the same Casino that he used to record it back in 1966.
i didnt want to make this thread too long because thats a pet peeve of mine so im gonna stop there lol but i could go on and on
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