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Now is not the time to panic but to pray. If God is for us who can be against us. We have a president who is called by God and he will prevail. I do not know how long we will be given a reprieve but as long as President Trump is an office God’s blessing will continue
to be with the United States of America.This particular post from Q was to loyalist in the military. Q is reminding patriots and the chain of command to remember their oath and remember their duty to God and country. We are counting down the days to the election. We are now
In the last four months leading up to the election. The deep state is going to lay it all on the table.

POTUS was laying out the law and order and preparing to declassify intelligence demonstrating the coup attempt of the deep state. In response the globalists are doing
Everything they can to keep the public from waking up. We are about to see the deep state counter response.

There are sleeper cells in the chain of command in the US military who will try to disrupt the chain of command as well as military communications. Q is telling patriots
in the chain of command to be aware and to take action as necessary. This may include immediate court-martial of those traitors. We can rest assured that the large majority of our military or patriots and we will prevail.

The media will inject false narrative to keep the public
Distracted and cover up any attempt by the traitors to disrupt the chain of command.

Some in the chain of command will provide false communications and orders to attempt to cause chaos. Do US military in to have prepared for this as cute as discussed in prior posts.
Q and POTUS and the US military have plans in place to ensure the chain of command is followed in communications are not compromised by rogue traitors in the US military.
There may be others in the DOJ and FBI who are also prepared to cause chaos and buck the authority of AG Barr..

Do you reminding the military we are fighting and then filtration and not an invasion. This is a different type of war. Remember this is the largest effort
To ever combine civilian patriots and the US military To fight against the globalist and the satanic evil. I Q reminds the patriots to defend the country at all costs. We all need to do our parts patriots. Do not be afraid but pray stand strong and fight
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