This is a thread about Marc Collins-Rector and the powerful child rape ring which extends from the BBS era to the cryptocurrency era with ties throughout entertainment and silicon valley, from Disney executives to crypto circles and social media. #opDeathEaters
Featuring: Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard, Jeffrey Sachs, Mitchell Blutt, David Neuman, David Geffen, Sandy Gallin, Terry Semel, Michael Huffington, Garth Ancier, Gary Gersh, John Silva, Marc Nathanson, Steve Bannon, Jeffrey Epstein, Al Seckel and more.
One early beneficiary of the new ability of child predators to appear directly in children's bedrooms was Mark Collins. Collins, who later added '-Rector' to his name, founded Telequest, a Florida-based telecom in the early 1980s and World TravelNet and World ComNet in 1984.
Chad Shackley, who had been groomed by Collins-Rector in an online chatroom, dropped out of high school and moved in with the predator when he was 15 and Collins-Rector was 31. In 1991, the two founded an early ISP, Concentric Network and other startups.
"Among their new acquaintances in Los Angeles were such industry heavies as David Geffen, uber-manager Sandy Gallin, then–NBC Entertainment president Garth Ancier, and Usual Suspects [now X-men] director Bryan Singer."
Bryan Singer introduced Shackley & C-R to 16 year old Disney child actor Brock Pierce who then moved in with them. Pierce played the young version of Emilio Estevez's char in Mighty Ducks (brother of Charlie Sheen who is accused by Corey Feldman of raping child actor Corey Haim)
In 1998, Shackley, Collins-Rector and Pierce founded the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), an online precursor to YouTube and Netflix. At 17, Pierce was named a DEN executive vice president with a salary of a quarter million a year.
"The plan attracted major investments from key players in Hollywood, the tech industry, and Wall Street, ranging from Geffen and Singer to Intel, NBC, and Microsoft. Rep Michael Huffington wrote a check for $5 million after a lavish dinner party at M&C"
Investors in DEN were "heavyweights from former Warner Bros. co-chairman Terry Semel to former congressman Michael Huffington, as well as Microsoft and Dell ... A-list director Bryan Singer; veteran television executive Garth Ancier"
"former Disney [and CNN] executive David Neuman, who [left Disney to become DEN's president, with a salary of $1.5 million] and producer Gary Goddard."
"Gary Gersh and John Silva were brought in to start a record label, each making $600,000 a year."
DEN directors included Jeffrey Sachs, Mitchell Blutt and David Neuman.
DEN "staked its business model on "narrowcasting," or marketing to thin demographic segments."
They targeted adolescent boys.
As Radar reported, DEN's "product was stunningly bad—even by dot-bomb standards."
DEN's real function was as a pimping/child trafficking network.
"Brock Pierce .... came in handy not only in targeting the youth demographic, but also in bringing a supply of beautiful young men to the estate, lured with vague promises of fame as the Internet's first TV stars."
Collins-Rector "is accused of hiring a 13-year-old from Bay City, Mich., as a programmer, and then making sexual advances to the teen when he accompanied Collins-Rector to Santa Monica and Las Vegas."
Chad's World was a DEN production written by Collins-Rector and produced by Pierce, featuring a young actor who later sued DEN. It "tells the tale of a teen saved from his dreary world in Michigan by a gay couple who take him to live in their mansion."
Chad's World "targeted gay and questioning teen boys. Filmed at the M&C ...and loosely based on Shackley's life"
In 1998, Bryan Singer was sued during filming of Apt Pupil, because he required underage extras to strip naked for hours while he shot a shower scene. Screenwriter Brandon Boyce called it "an absolute smear job" and "an attempt to blackmail people based on their sexuality."
Shortly after, Singer pitched a superhero project to DEN. Alex Burton, an 18-year-old friend of Pierce who played Pyro in the first X-Men movie (directed by Singer) moved in with the three at the Encino mansion.
Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce launched another company called World Wide Technology & Internet Ventures Ltd, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.
In May 1999, a boy who had met Collins-Rector at 13 sued in federal court in New Jersey, accusing Collins-Rector of sexually abusing him from 1993 to 1996. Collins-Rector settled for an undisclosed sum.
This lawsuit did not faze the company. "Marc Nathanson, who sat on DEN's board of directors, told the Los Angeles Times: "Who people date is none of the board's business."",139023166,120106761-1,00.htm
"Within months, all three of the company's founders had been hit with a flurry of civil lawsuits."
"all claim they were bullied and drugged to coerce sexual compliance, and in some cases, threatened with loaded guns"
"One tactic, according to several victims, was to brandish a gun. "Do you know what I can do with this?" he would say, leveling the barrel at them, "and get away with it?" He also threatened the lives of their families."
Drugs pushed on the children included "Valium, Vicodin, Xanax, Percocet, marijuana, hashish, Ecstasy and Rufinol" -- the date-rape drug. This pattern is used not simply for compliance but for subsequent discrediting of victims as 'unreliable addicts'.
With an investigation underway, the three fled the US; Interpol arrested them in Marbella, Spain in 2002 in a house containing guns, machetes and child abuse documentation.
The local (Los Angeles) authorities refused to prosecute.
The victims have never received payment from Collins-Rector despite his apparent involvement in highly profitable subsequent ventures.
In 2004, Collins-Rector "plead guilty to nine counts of child sexual abuse. He was soon released, and after registering as aconvicted sex offender, he ran away to London."
2007:"after what seems a rather lackluster prosecution, he pled guilty ... and paid a small fine. Two years later, here he was... "swanning around Britain in a chauffeur-driven limo and surrounding himself with young boys.""
“Tycoon paedo on prowl in UK.”
all the charges against Collins-Rector, were filed by federal authorities; despite many allegations regarding activities at the Encino house, officials in L.A. never pursued criminal charges against Collins-Rector or his associates.
Is there any crossover between Proteus and Ghislaine Maxwell's TerraMar Project, founded in 2012? Who else is involved in this research?
And Collins-Rector lived happily ever after, reportedly in the Dominican Republic for a bit and now in Belgium.
"Bryan Singer cast former Nickelodeon and Disney Channel actor Brian Peck in the first two “X-Men”films — released in 2000 and 2003 ... Peck became a convicted sex offender in 2004, serving 16 months of jail time."
"Come on -- that's a time-honored tradition in this town," says a producer long acquainted with Singer.
According to this thread, Bryan Singer has moved on from child actors and models to social media influencers.
As #opDeathEaters has often pointed out, the formula for these stories rarely varies. One victim is discredited and that is used to paint all accusations as 'proven wrong'. One lone fall guy is given a token prosecution and no one else is charged.
It is often claimed that no one can go up against Disney et al because they have "great lawyers". As is surely clear by now, after the Weinstein and Epstein cases, "great lawyers" is a euphemism for mob protection and witness intimidation, backed by spy agencies. #DefundTheSpies
The Disney and other links in this thread must be investigated, journalists protected and independent justice systems established but that's the easy part. This one seed has now spawned international networks far beyond Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
IGE, the company Brock Pierce founded in Spain, brought on former Goldman Sachs investment banker Stephen Bannon and received a $60 million Goldman Sachs investment.
(Collins-Rector's first ISP, Concentric Networks, also received Goldman-Sachs money.)
This is the first documented contact between Steve Bannon and Pierce/Collins-Rector, but Bannon was at Goldman Sachs at the time that Collins-Rector's first ISP received Goldman Sachs funding and he was also executive producing in Hollywood 1991-1999 when DEN was operating.
In June, Pierce was forced out as CEO of Affinity and replaced by Stephen Bannon, the investment banker who had joined the board when the Goldman Sachs deal went through but apparently there was no animosity.
IGE and the gaming world inspired Bannon who in turn, inspired the neo-patriarchy and white supremacy movements worldwide.
2014 Pierce's bio: co-founder of GoCoin, ExpressCoin,  and Robocoin Asia, "a sought-after commentator on the Bitcoin economy", "a prolific angel investor", raised more than $200 million, led more than 30 acquisitions.
He has, despite the fact that he was a teenager when the DEN trio fled to Spain, been asked to step down from a Who's Who of cryptocurrency boards and companies he founded or accelerated including director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Blockchain Capital, and 
"Looking back, Pierce says that Collins-Rector “was a shit beyond belief – lies, lies, lies, lies. Like, completely fabricated stories. He knew how to manipulate. Very much the most generous person ever, which is weird, but not a lot of real empathy. Narcissistic.”"
“I never once read any of the media,” he recalls. “Reading my name would make me cry. I was so afraid. I wasn’t able to handle it.” Even to this day, he adds, “Anything I accomplish in my life ends up being discredited because of this narrative.”
"his closest friends express concern about Pierce’s chaotic schedule, sleeplessness, psychedelic use and general lack of self-care. “One of my missions with Brock is to keep him alive right now,” a member of his entourage confides. “He’s in a bit of a self-destructive pattern.”
According to Pierce, Collins-Rector threatened to blackmail him over his role in his own abuse and destroy his newly built empire in IGE. That (very typical) strategy against former victims may be at play in other relationships.
In 2011, a little more than a year after Jeffrey Epstein completed his faux sentence for child trafficking, Pierce attended a conference arranged by Epstein.
Enter Al Seckel, the possibly-dead, sort-of brother-in-law of Ghislaine Maxwell: There is nothing to indicate that Brock Pierce is a predator, but his circles are still very worth investigating.
This thread is a combination of what appear to be very established (alleged) rings of child rapists and traffickers (Collins-Rector, Singer, Epstein) financial links (Goldman-Sachs, crypto) and speculative links to power (Clinton, Trump, Bannon), spies and Hollywood.
Besides everything linked here, it is worth investigating the networks of Goldman-Sachs in comparison to the networks of Deutsche Bank, with special focus on criminal activities and suicides. Is there collaboration or a gang war?
It would also be helpful to establish any further connections into Silicon Valley, especially social media and influencers. Like the modeling industry in earlier decades, YouTube and Instagram are heavy promoters of child sexualization, something first attempted DEN.
Finally, please always review #opDeathEaters Goal #2 when speaking or writing about child rape. The media depiction of rape of girls is improving faster than that of boys. Child rape is not a sexual orientation; it is a crime.
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