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✅ CHWs and #COVID19 in #Nigeria
✅ performance of volunteer vs salaried CHWs
✅ social-connectedness

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1⃣ What's the solution for community transmission of #COVID19, inadequate testing, overwhelming of health resources, & infection of health workers in #Nigeria? 🇳🇬

#CHWs + deployment of rapid epidemic intelligence + use of mobile apps for #ContactTracing

2⃣ Does orienting female #communityhealth #volunteers in #Nepal 🇳🇵 to post-partum #familyplanning improve knowledge & counseling coverage? 🤱

This study says yes ✔️ & more research is needed

3⃣More on postpartum #familyplanning in #Nepal 🇳🇵, this time examining an intervention by paid, full-time #CHWs (employed by @Nyaya_Health) using #mHealth tools📱

📈 Modern contraceptive use increased from 29% (pre) to 46% (post) w/ p<0.0001 👏

4⃣ Two major #CHW workforces (promotoras & community health representatives) unite & advocate for legislated voluntary certification ✅

This step towards professionalization of #CHWs showcases the power 🎇 of working together!

5⃣ "Some health extension workers were not knowledgeable a/b suspected pneumonia."

Even in a CHW exemplar country like #Ethiopia 🇪🇹, quality-producing practices (supportive supervision, training, supplies, etc) are needed to ⬆️ #CHW program quality

6⃣ Another addition to the #CHW + CCM literature, this one focuses on coverage

Nearly 40k #CHWs were trained & equipped w/ RDTs, ACTs, and chloroquine as part of a large-scale CCM #malaria program in Chhattisgarh #India 🇮🇳

7⃣ #Technology 📱 can supplement #CHW services, but it cannot replace them!

Study from #Uganda 🇺🇬 finds that household contacts were less confident in TB test results delivered via text message versus results delivered via #CHWs

8⃣In 2-yr controlled study on TB active case finding in #Vietnam 🇻🇳, do salaried vs. volunteer #CHWs generate more TB case notifications?

Both cadres generated more case notifications using ACF approach; salaried, employed CHWs achieved greater impact

9⃣ In Rwanda 🇷🇼, "maternal #CHWs are volunteers operating in limited resource settings w/ no formal training in #maternalhealth & w/ considerable workloads"

This translates into challenges regarding quality & quantity of svcs CHWs provide in communities

🔟  CHW programs are well set up to promote social connectedness of communities

👉 Benefits = stable community structure, provision of equal access to healthcare, & enhancement of interpersonal relationships among providers, #CHWs, and community members

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