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We are facing a battle that we have been fighting for thousands of years. A battle that has been mentioned in the Bible multiple times.

What battle you ask?
Find out here...

Sodom and Gomorrah were both highlighted in Genesis of the Bible. Both of these cities were fraught with wickedness and evil. The Sodom and Gomorrah cities were so corrupt, that the Lord destroyed them with burning sulfur.
How did these cities become so destructive? What have they done that merits the Lord to totally take them out?

Well, it is because the people that built Sodom and Gomorrah are Hivites.
3) Hivites is an ancient tribe that have been around before Sodom and Gomorrah. They are one of the original tribes scattered over Palestine, from Hermon to Gibeon in the south.

They are a tribe of "midlanders" or "villagers", most likely a branch of the Hittite.
4) What the Bible will not tell you is this tribe is made up of those who are descended from the tribe 
of Cain. Cain is the first person to have committed murder with the death of his brother Abel.
5) Mark of Cain

Wiki explains the mark (or curse) of Cain as punishment for killing his brother Abel. When Cain
spilled his brother's blood, the earth became cursed as soon as the blood hit the ground. In a sense, the
earth was left "drinking Abel's blood".
For punishment, should Cain attempt to farm the land, the Earth would not yield produce for him. This may imply why he went on to build cities, namely the City
of Enoch.
7) He also must remain a nomad, a fugitive and wanderer, with a visible mark to show others of his crime and to discourage others from doing the same.

The Curse of Cain was often conflated with the Curse
of Ham.
8) According to the Bible, Ham discovered his father, Noah, was drunk and naked in his tent,
but instead of honoring his father by covering his nakedness, he
ran and told his brothers about it. Because of this, Noah cursed Ham's son,
9) Canaan by saying that he was to be "a servant of servants".

These curses were brought about because the Lord wanted
to discourage murder and promote privacy (innocence)
10) Hivites Life

The tribe of Cain is the tribe of murder. Their motto in life is "life is murder, murder is life". They do
not value human life and see their existence purely through their Ego.
11) They practice cannabilism, ritual murder, sexual abuses including Sodomy (word derived from the city of Sodom) and have a lust for children. They do this because they
worship not only Cain as the father of murder, but they also worship Moloch (aka Baal or Ashtoreth)
12) a God that requires sacrifice and in return is supposed to give
them longer life and wealth. They also have incorporated slavery to build and maintain their cities.
13) Biblical Battles

For thousands of years, the Hivites and their sister tribes, Canaan (Phoenicia) and Amorites, have
established cities and in turn, the Lord has destroyed them.
14) Sodom and Gomorrah, along with cities of the days of Noah. Babylon. Jerico. The Lord promised that the next time He wipes them out, it will be with fire.
15) Fast forward to today and we are still fighting this battle.

 And it truly IS Biblical!
16) Today's Darkness

The tribe of Cain have murdered and corrupted populations throughout the world's modern history. Most of today's written history has been produced
from descendants of this Tribe. Meaning, our history has been skewed for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
17) They are still cursing the world with their darkness even today. Secret societies like Skull and Bones, the Illuminati (through infiltration) and Alester Crowley's OTO are examples of how the descendants of the Tribe of Cain are still practicing their wicked ways.
18) Something Wicked this Way Comes

Modern descendants of the Hivites can be found leading every political, entertainment and media platforms. They currently control Hollywood, World Wide Humanitarian interest groups, mainstream media and hold top
political positions worldwide.
19) You can research their horrible practices from a basic search of

20) PedoGate and DUMBS

As I was saying, this battle is Biblical and we are currently fighting for their destruction even today.

Millions of children go missing every year around the globe. Most of the time, you do not find a body.
Why is that?
21) Millions of children go missing every year around the globe. Most of the time, you do not find a body.
Why is that?

The reason is the Hivites around the world kidnap and murder children for various reasons.
22) They sell flesh,
fluids and body parts on the black market, extract Adrenochrome (adrenaline taken from a victim at the exact moment of death from torture) to sell to other Hivites and they also groom these children to be sex slaves to pedophiles.
23) Modern Hivites raise their
children to be transgenered (from birth), to satisfy their Moloch God, which is Androgynous.
24) Throughout the last hundred years, the Hivites have established underground cities throughout the World, so they may practice their evil ways underground and
out of the public eye.

They are called DUMBS (Deep
Underground Military Bases)
25) here is a map of where they are in the US.

These DUMBS are located all around the world
26) Today's battle with the Hivites is being fought by destroying these underground cities and freeing
Millions of people that have been enslaved there. There have been a lot of earthquakes as of late, and these earthquakes are actually The Lord's Army destroying these cities.
27) Trump and Q

President Trump and the military operation known as "Q" has awakened the masses to the crimes committed by the

They are the generals of the Lord's Army in destroying the shadow government which is controlled by these evil people.
28) They are also the reason why the Hivites were not able to control the United States from the election of Hillary Clinton, which was a High Priestess of the Hivates religion. If she would have won, our world
would be neck deep in WW3 and we ALL would be under a Communist
29) Regime, where life doesn't matter and you are a pawn (victim) of the Hivites game.
30) Mass Arrests

Within the Q Community, it is debated if anything is really going on, concerning arrests, due to the lack of public sieges. I can assure you, there is stuff happening and arrests ARE being made.
31) The reason you do not see these arrests on TV or the internet is because the mental capacity of the population cannot handle these arrests without understanding why. We must enlighten the world to the
Hivites crimes before making their executions public.
32) So, for the mean time the Lord's Army is holding those that have commited the most crimes in prison, maybe Gitmo, or on house arrest. The Plan that everyone is
talking about is a plan to make the masses aware of the Hivites and their evil ways,
33) so that when they do make the arrest and executions public, there isn't upheaval and citizen's unrest.

You can find evidence of these arrests, for example, with the cancelation of Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen.
34) All three are Hivites and have been arrested. Ellen is on house Arrest, as was Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, among MANY others.

Even though there isn't mainstream media covering these arrests, you can see who all has been through
35) For example, in Twitter if you look at the high ranking Hivites that have been arrested, you will find that their profile pic has a white background.

I do take that to mean that they are at Gitmo and awaiting execution (or have already been executed)
36) Some have Grey Backgrounds, I do believe these Hivites have either switched and has turned in States evidence to the Lord's Army, or that they have not been executed
yet for other reasons, reasons that benefit the Lord's Army.
37) In conclusion, We ARE fighting a battle of Biblical proportions.....and we ARE WINNING! Just sit back and
watch the show!
38) All research in this article is provided by Wikileaks, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (a ritual abuse survivor who was raised by Hivites and was raped by Tom Hanks, you can find her here: @saRaAshcraft) and
personal remote viewing.
39) I will be inputting videos and other stuff continuously, here in the comments, so you can go through and learn for yourself the battle with the "invisible enemy"

God Bless President Trump and Q!

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