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Global experiments have being played out by the puppet masters controlling all world governments over many centuries.

The last few decades to present, we can now see the end game.
(1) The Gates foundation has been pushing vaccines and global DEPOPULATION for five years, and owns 15% of the World Health Organisation.

We are fighting a war against the erosion of our FREEDOM .

A political strategy that has been played and since and Trump's inauguration,
(2) the DEEP-STATE who want to run the whole world under a one world government, is in a crisis of being uncovered.

Major players of the CABAL are being brought to justice.

This is their hurried last resort - to create a 'pandemic' COVID - LOCK-DOWN - GLOBAL BANKRUPTCY
(3) – bringing everyone to their knees, with the global lock-down a result of the 'VIRUS '.

The VACCINE 'CURE ' will be introduced as a solution for herd safety and what will come with it is a micro chip or PLASMA TATTOO INJECTION. (ID/2020)
(4) This will allow one to be scanned allowing entry to any public space, to continue with 'THE NEW NORMAL' .

Un-chipped, you are considered unsafe to society and may be a carrier of the virus.

If you don't get chipped 'THE CURE ', you won't be allowed to travel , congregate
(5) in stadiums, play sport , go to bars, buy food or any commodity.

It is what will be 'TOLD' to be expected for the safety of the populace.

This will lead to a CASHLESS SOCIETY .

Every transaction that is made will be traceable.
(6) 5G TOWERS are fitted with antennae that can detect FDA plasma tattoo injections.

It is part of the control needed to TRACK and identify people willingly or by force who are turned ON to this NANO TECHNOLOGY and who are unaware of what's really happening.
(7) The conspirators want to govern the global population, making them pay for vaccines that, will sterilize most of the human race, bringing down the populace to 100 million who will be tracked via 5g towers with antennae radiation weapons,
(8) that can alter human genome/DNA that can be made to cause various illnesses.

The social distancing programming is necessary to help the FACIAL RECOGNITION technology cameras to pick up on each individual.

The masks will be off by the time this technology kicks in.
(9) The masks for now are muzzles and symbolize CONFORMANCE .

Using a pyramidal control system, developed over centuries to carry into every sector of occupation that feeds off each other, the 1% at the top, the self entitled SHADOW GOVERNMENT of self proclaimed elitists,
(10) the industrial titan oligarchs, who steal the minerals and agricultural wealth from every country on earth, keeping the spoils for themselves (The affluence of the few is tied to the misery of many).

The mining of minerals and oil on a huge environmental impact.
(11) Paying minimal wage to the local people in the colonized countries.

Bribing leaders of those countries with extreme wealth into allowing the pirates from wealthy nations to come in and strip the land barren, while the citizens they govern are driving to poverty.
(12) Destroying immense rain-forests.

Annihilation of fauna and flora diversity, to make way for the farming of carcinogen filled meat, dairy and poultry farming and products, to be shipped back to western corporations and syndicates.
(13) Keeping the global population reliant on these industries.

Feeding the medical profession with illnesses caused by the poisons in our food.

Polluting our rivers and air with bad factory practice.
Spraying harmful poisonous chemicals on fruit and vegetable crops.
(14) Genetically altered food, that cannot self produce seeds.

Laws against civilians growing their own food. The seven billion denizens drugged with a religion, television, tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

The whole idea is to shorten the human lifespan, unless you
(15) can pay enormous amounts of cash into investing into the medical profession to stay healthy and live longer.

They want dominance over water, food supplies and all agricultural farm lands on a global scale.

The W.H.O./United Nations - through the NEW WORLD Order.
(16) Society is also being sexualized.

All part of the eugenics/program, to confuse youth to become attracted to own sexual orientation, to dis-encourage reproduction.

Most inhabitants will become refugees through climate change and food shortages (controlled climate
(17) weaponry called H.A.A.R.P. and Chem-trails).

Lately on major TV Networks, UFO disclosure is being reported and touted as real.

The last resort is to terrify humanity into submission creating an 'ALIEN' invasion through the combination of holographic technology
(18) called 'Project Blue Beam' and advanced aeronautical technology that has been hidden from mainstream citizenry.

The 'ALIENS' will seem violent and will destroy famous Landmarks (and kill a few thousand humans) in many countries.
(19) The so called 'PROTECTIVE MILITARY ' and a 'SAVIOR MESSIAH ' will come to the aid, to rescue and protect.

An arrangement with world 'UNIFIED' militaries and the attacking 'ALIENS' that will allow fugitives to be moved into designated controlled fenced off safe

This is the strategy that's about to unfold to un-empower humanity and to take control of all of the earth's assets, using people as an insignificant workforce.

A 'NEW RELIGION' will be introduced for all.

There will be those who happily work for the
(21) Cabal and will be rewarded well with certain privileges, to enforce this control over their own kind.

The goal is to enslave homo sapiens under the banner of NEW WORLD ORDER.

David Goldberg's death was covered up....

They say he bumped his head falling on a treadmill,
(22) He was Jewish and was a whisle-blower to what is about to happen to many innocent people.

On privy having received this knowledge, he thought it was right to reveal a secretly devised machination with treacherous consequences for many innocent people.

In David Goldberg's
(23) final video before his death, he reveals two classified projects underway - Project Pogo & Project Zyphr - to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021 that will result in the "extermination" of tens of millions of Americans.
(24) I would say that he is trying to save people.

The same dark force (not Muslim 'Terrorists') that brought down the World Trade Center is behind the info he was revealing.

He was murdered for speaking out.....

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