yes gulf does not give a fuck about keeping it lowkey, he may always waits for mew to speak for them about their relationship because he’s never sure of what they should answer, however he’s never satisfied with mew’s response and shows it right away
he gets annoyed whenever mew says something he doesn’t agree about their relationship and it’s funny to watch because that’s the only time gulf can’t be quiet, his whole body shows how annoyed he is at the moment, he’ll be like “oh? aha 😄 okay you do you”
mew is always cautious when answering these questions because he knows the world is not that bright and happy just because a bunch of us support their relationship, but whenever he throws it back to gulf, he’s ready to risk it all if gulf gives him the answer he wants 😶
you’re not delulu for believing in mewgulf, i assure you that, but you’re delulu if you think they’re just going to tell us out of nowhere about their relationship just because they have people supporting them, there’s a lot on the line and i hope you guys can understand that
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