Dig up your footlocker, it's on.

A few details later today. #OperationSnapshot2 #SGFreport #ParkingLotTruthers! $tslaQ $TSLA
Details...for anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, check out this #OperationSnapshot retrospective thread I put together back in February. $tslaQ $TSLA https://twitter.com/Paul91701736/status/1232204105537355776?s=20
This month, virtually all #SGFreport traffic has indicated big inventory builds at the DCs and overflow lots around county. Our stats bros agree that a new survey would be a valuable thing right about now. So let's do this! https://twitter.com/DeanSheikh1/status/1277726091319275520?s=20
Here's the report that resulted from #OperationSnapshot, which lists all the Tesla sites we knew about at the time. One important thing we learned: Exact car counts have limited and diminishing value, but pictures are impactful forever. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wi2wl9haee08xsq/tslaQ%20Tesla%20Inventory%20-%20OS%20Release%2004Jan2019.xlsx?dl=0
Here are a few guidelines if you are going to take up the challenge:
1) Don't trespass.
2) Pictures and descriptions beat precise car counts every time.
3) ALWAYS use the #SGFreport, #SGF or #OperationSnapshot hashtag when posting your stuff, otherwise I can't find it.
4) If you have already posted in the past two weeks, please RT any post that did not include these hashtags.
5) For sites not on the OS report spreadsheet, please provide a map reference.
6) If for any reason you don't want to post, DM me and I'll take care of it for ya.
7) Try to pre-announce targets in this thread or elsewhere, so we can avoid massive duplication of effort.
8) If you know a site you can't reach, post the location; somebody will.
9) Drone pilots: Post yourself or send your stuff to me for the full SAF treatment, your choice.
Let's collect through the holiday weekend; I'll plan to get a report (in some form or other) out by July 7th. Any questions, ask here or DM me.

"Once more unto the breech, dear friends, once more..."

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