(1) Inspired. Here's a thread of reports for anyone who's been conned into believing Facebook cares about the public or really anything except its advertising revenues and its profits. #StopHateForProfit
- named by UN as playing determining role in genocide in Myanmar
-exec wrote awful memo - connecting people > than terrorism
- built ceo special tool to delete his messages
- sold ads to Russian operatives in Rubles during 2016 election
- knew political operative scraped user data, did nothing
- disclosed private moments of users on web
- ran out WhatsApp and Instagram founders due to leadership sketchiness
- incited ethnic violence in Sri Lanka
- enabled Russian interference in 2016 election
- shared data with Chinese Huawei, flagged by US intel
- killed off Vine app access on CEO’s orders
- misled, if not lied to, Parliament about Cambridge Analytics
- whitelisted big partners to access personal data
- congratulated Donald Trump personally
- asked large banks for detailed financial data on users
- helped build InfoWars before banning under pressure
- acquired / used Onovo app to spy on competitive threats
- hired and then exited mysterious Cambridge Analytica co-founder
- bent content rules to enable Donald Trump
- buried bad video metrics, misled advertisers and publishers
- policy chief Kaplan starred at controversial Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation
- exposed users search history, location data thru access tokens
- facilitated disinfo in Brazilian election
- hired Definers firm to investigate Soros, spread anti-Semitic garbage
- exposed private photos up to 6.8mm users
- enabled Phillipines disinfo enabling Duterte govt harassment
- rumors spread on WhatsApp killing dozens in India
- leaked private messages
- spread post by US Pres. misleading public on elections
- tracked users when not using app
- ran scam ads for martin lewis
- instagram harassment causing Molly Russel suicide
- blocked ads transparency tools from researchers
- rejected subpoenas for ceo to testify in UK & Canada
- using acquired vpn app to spy on kids mobile use
- antitrust abuse collecting data on germans
- labeled “digital gangster” by Parliament
- ran ads targeting nazi sympathizers
- passed ovulation data from users
- caused PSD for underpaid outsourced moderators
- facial recognition by default to identify friends
- tracks users who aren’t members of facebook
- covered-up massive sale of data to political operative firm
- lobbied heavily against global privacy laws
- spread post by US President inciting violence
- named in research reports for addiction, narcissism, stress, etc
- censored posts for government in Vietnam
- conducted research on user emotions without consent
- shell companies to avoid billions in taxes
- ran smear campaign against rival google
- shared alleged war crimes in Libya
- live-streamed murders and terrorism
- failure to remove child exploitation images
- decisions ran off 1st black board member with celebrated career as CEO of American Express
- secretive meeting between ceo, board member Peter Thiel and US President during pressure to change political policies
(13) more reports...
-protected hate speech by India govt official
-threatened block of all news in Australia
-threatened EU exit if privacy restrictions
-board member met w white nationalists
-1,000+ advertiser boycott
-ignored global political manipulation
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