30 American servicemembers—including Virginians—were killed in Afghanistan in 2019 and 2020.
Now we’re hearing reports that Russia was paying bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill Americans. And the White House reportedly knew, holding meetings about the explosive charge in March of this year.
Trump and his team are in panic mode. Trump suggests the report is a hoax. White House staff doesn’t deny the existence of the intelligence, but says Trump was never briefed on it. But the Administration reportedly did tell the British—so that British troops could be protected!
Trump and Putin have multiple phone calls this spring, including within days of the White House emergency meetings in March. Topics? Oil production, COVID-19, inviting Russia to join the G7 meeting in September... Trump didn’t even mention bounty killing?
We owe all who have served or are serving in Afghanistan—and their families—answers. What did the President know? Why was Congress not informed? Why did he take no action?
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