Today @jkenney will unveil his economic recovery plan. When assessing it, consider the info below to see whether this plan is designed for ALL Albertans or whether it's designed to keep women out of the workforce by failing to address child care or schools. #ableg
From the same article (everything by @ArmineYalnizyan!):
- “You’re not going to have a recovery without childcare. It’s that simple.”
- “COVID has revealed a lot of things...the essential nature of childcare…life doesn’t go back to normal just because work reopens.”
More @ArmineYalnizyan:
“When people’s finances have been stripped and childcare is such a big, monthly cost for young families, it’s unclear who’s going to be sending their kids back to childcare, which means less household income."
"There is already a shortage of high-quality child-care spots in the province...finding one of those spots may get even more difficult, as some daycares will close because they are struggling financially after a prolonged shutdown." #ableg
This is scratching the surface of the data & advice to support that the economic recession we're experiencing is different than before in how it affects women. Economic recovery MUST address this. And women can't get back to work w/o accessible, affordable, & quality child care.
The Ministers responsible for Status of Women, Children's Services, Education, Economic Development, Labour, & Finance have been SILENT on this issue. @LeelaAheer @rebeccakschulz @AdrianaLaGrange @tanya_fir @JasonCoppingAB Travis Toews
Today we'll find out if these Ministers been working behind the scenes to advocate for women in the economic recovery plan (since they haven't done so publicly). And if they have, we'll see how much influence they really have with this Premier.

I'm not holding my breath. #ableg
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