i’m palestinian.
i don’t believe that being pro-israel means being anti-palestine. the palestinian and israeli govts are both corrupt.
i’m pro-israel and pro-palestine. there’s a difference between being a zionist and believing that jewish people deserve to have access to their-
sacred religious land just as much as palestinians should. in a state of war, you can’t argue about the morality of either side— there is no morality. most people are incredibly misinformed on this topic or are biased. hell, i’m biased. but until someone is actively-
ANTI-palestine, not just pro-israel, don’t demonize them, especially if you haven’t spoken out about the israeli-palestinian conflict in the past.
muting this but keep educating each other and signing petitions! much love <3
also! hi! i was misinformed! zionism is simply the belief of a right to jewish self determination. what i meant to say was there's a differences between wanting jews to have access to their sacred land and believing that palestinians shouldn't have access. be pro-shared state!
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