As we reach the end of June & #PrideMonth , we want to show you some of the many faces of #TeamLossie; those within the LGBT+ community, as well as a few of the thousands of LGBT+ allies in the @RoyalAirForce.

We've come a long way.

In 2000, the ban on LGBT+ personnel serving in @DefenceHQ was lifted.

20 years later, the @RoyalAirForce is one of @stonewalluk's top 100 employers for helping to achieve acceptance without exception for all LGBT people.

Cpl Harper is a Typhoon Av Tech, and is the LGBT+ rep for #TeamLossie!

"Pride Month to me is so important.

It does not discriminate, it represents acceptance. It’s about reaching out to people like me who were ashamed."

SAC(T) Darren Hendry also works on the Typhoon.

"I see pride month as an occasion to appreciate diversity, be it in any setting - work or otherwise.

It's heartwarming how little your sexuality matters to people - their opinion of you doesn't change."

Jackie Kennedy works for @BAESystemsAir as their Business Manager.

She's also a #TeamLossie LGBT+ ally.

"I don't see why anyone should be treated differently for who they fall in love with."

Cpl Askew works with our brand new fleet of @P8A_PoseidonRAF as a Weapons Technician!

"Pride month is important to me as a celebration of how far we have come as a community, but also a reminder that there is still a way to go in promoting equality, acceptance & kindness."

Corporal 'Munners' Munro is an LGBT+ Ally who works with the @Eurofighter Typhoon.

"During my time in the RAF, progress towards making the organisation more diverse & inclusive has been positive.

The @RoyalAirForce is an accepting place to be for LGBT+ people."

There's still some way to go before we achieve equality - in a number of areas. But we're working hard to get there.

You can be yourself as part of #TeamLossie, and you will be accepted.


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