no, like jungkook is probably the most romantic person i've ever seen. he took jimin on a trip to japan on his birthday as a surprise, made a whole video filming jimin the whole time, took jimin to the restaurant he promised, watched the first snow together, went on a ice +
skating date with jimin, went to see movies with jimin, takes jimin to meet his friends, praises jimin every chance he gets, believes in destined soulmates, went to see the red moon with jimin, calls jimin his catalyst, calls jimin his 'you're me i'm you', would be willing +
to pay for jimin's parents' expenses, is having late night dinners with jimin, waits for him after their rehearsals, travel with jimin in the same car, knows everything about jimin by his heart, admires jimin for being jimin, makes sure to take medicine because he knows +
jimin gets sick when travelling, whispers 'i love you' to jimin when he's pretending to be asleep, wrote a whole ass letter with hashtags on jimin's birthday with no 'sorry' for 'i love you', bought jimin clothes he wanted, shares clothes with jimin, looks at jimin as if he's +
his everything, talks to jimin with the softest tone, makes sure jimin is okay before playing games, going to whatever the place jimin wants to take him, spends time with jimin the most even when he's backstage, openly spoke about how much jimin means to him, loves him more +
than anyone, protects jimin when they're in crowded places, makes sure jimin is safe everytime, covers jimin with blankets when it's cold, makes jimin food, made jimin the biggest pancake because he had to do the penalties, gifted jimin a chunk of snow becasue he like snow +
and has the same interests with jimin like movies, songs, food and clothes.

god really made one jeon jungkook, why? ㅠㅠ
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