my mom’s friend’s 15 y/o daughter who’s an american citizen (3rd gen) was taken into ICE custody (she didn’t have an ID), wasn’t allowed to make any calls, and flown to texas without her mom’s consent. she had to hire a private investigator to find her... wtf
she was profiled bc of how she looked & her last name alone. that’s it. flown from new york to texas and she wasn’t even allowed to make a phone call, then her mom who’s low income had to pay for the PI, the airfare, etc. how messed up is that??? abolish ice
i don’t personally know her but i’m gonna ask my mom if there’s any way to help!
okay so my mom said they don’t have a gofundme but they are getting a lawyer!
my mom and i don’t talk much but she called me after hearing about it to tell me to always carry my ID since we get mistaken for being hispanic a lot. i called her earlier and asked if i could share it, not thinking it’d get this much attention
i was shocked to hear it which is why i shared & from the replies i know it’s not an isolated case, but i’m not really close enough to the situation to help support directly
the best way to help right now is to donate & sign petitions to help those detained & abolish ICE. detainment is not ethical. holding people captive because you suspect they’re an illegal immigrant based on their skin color is racist. 
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