Last week, the @CCC recommended that the #UKgov considers placing a tax on #fossilfuels if they want to achieve their #climate goals. This morning, we’ve published our plan for doing just that, in a way that is #fair, & can drive the creation of new #jobs. This is how- THREAD.
By 2025, place a steadily increasing #carboncharge across the majority of UK greenhousegas emissions. This would replace most existing carbon pricing mechanisms, and create a simpler, more transparent & extensive system that is consistent with #netzero (2/5)
Use the revenue* to fund #energyefficiency improvements in homes, enable exemptions for certain households, provide funding for the decarbonization of heavy #industry (via CfDs) & support a #greenrecovery *NB assumes Government will provide additional investment (3/5)
We recognise this isn't as simple as it sounds, so we've created a roadmap to 2030 that details our plans for introducing a #carboncharge across different sectors of the economy, & additional #policies that we think need to be in place before a #carboncharge is introduced (4/5)
This includes things like a #BorderCarbonAdjustment (for #industry and #agriculture) a ban on #biodegradable waste entering landfill, and a ban on installing trad. gas boilers (2030). It's only our interim proposal, but you can đź“Ą it here: 
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