In order to gain a deeper understanding of what is really going on in politics today, we could all use a better understanding of our monetary system. #WWG1WGA #QANONWORLDWIDE #QArmy
Did you know?
The U.S., the largest economy in the world, generates over $21 trillion a year.
China, the second largest economy generates over $14 trillion a year.
That's a lot of money.
Let me ask you this. If it were possible to gain control over all that money wouldn't it equal an immense amount of control over...well, everything?
Now consider this.
In your regular course of education were you ever taught the history of money? Were you taught the difference between currency and money? Were you ever taught how the Federal Reserve works?
Think about it. Money is the one thing that you use on a daily basis and it is intimately tied to your practical survival or lack of it in life. Shouldn't we all be experts in the area of money? Then why has our general education about money been so thin?
Interesting huh?
Let me ask you this. Is it far easier to control people if the nuts and bolts of the system they depend on for survival is vague and made to seem complicated? Wouldn't it seem natural to them that someone else who understands this system should be in control?
Welcome to Earth 2020.
In my search to understand our "complicated" monetary system I found a great series of videos that gave me an understanding of money and how our financial system works.
The first three episodes were enlightening and the fourth episode, "The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind" pulled everything together illustrating how the central banking system, which our Federal Reserve is a part of, is used to intentionally rob us of our wealth.
Once the intent behind the corrupt system is clearly seen, it is easier to understand the war that is being raged today.
It becomes apparent that those who have benefited from this corrupt system for a very long time are doing everything possible to stop it from being dismantled.
Remember what was signed on December, 21 2017 - Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or CORRUPTION.
These criminals literally have everything to lose.
In the end, you may come to fully understand the fight our President has had on his hands and who the enemy really is as his promise to the American People was to end the Federal Reserve -
Thereby crippling the world's central banking system and eventually freeing ALL people around the world from this corrupt system.
We are at war... It's important to know who we are fighting. #WWG1WGA @letterqis17
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