Stop adding pineapple to food and calling it “Hawaiian”. Pineapple is not from Hawaii. My grandfather worked in the pineapple fields as a child. Pineapple and it’s ties to Hawaii is a direct result from Hawaii’s colonization. Please stop perpetuating my culture’s oppression.
In many ways, capitalism and colonization worked perfectly on Hawaii. Now, when you think pineapple you think Hawaii. The whole fucking world sees a huge pineapple next to the word “Hawaii”. Educate yourself and others about multigenerational microagressions.
ALSO, Sanford Dole (of the huge Dole pineapple corporation) was pivotal in the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and put our Queen Liliuokalani under house arrest in her own fucking palace with the help of the US military.
SO when you think about things with pineapple, and you associate that with Hawaii or anything Hawaiian, you are directly perpetuating the history of colonization and capitalism. So stop making that connection. Pineapple is NOT Hawaiian or even from Hawaii.
BTW that same Dole company literally owned the island that my family is from. And they nicknamed it Pineapple Island. So pineapples are a direct and explicit symbol of the erasure of my genealogy.
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