I believe what @SidneyPowell1’s Twitter account has been exhibiting recently is an unusual amount of WINNING while crushing numerous delusions & outright falsehoods held by many about the @GenFlynn case.


We are winning where it counts.
Social media is not the real world. The goons fool themselves into believing they are winning, “changing the national narrative, they control the horizontal and the vertical...

and yet they cannot stop the truth from coming out about SpyGate, about the Flynn case.
Just a few weeks ago, Democrats, Never Trump, the Fake News Media honestly and truly believed the Flynn case was over. He was forever disgraced, having sold his country out to Russians. They were upset he wasn’t going to do SERIOUS PRISON TIME.
And now?

Now thanks to AG Barr &USA EDMO Jeffrey Jensen, the TRUTH about the Flynn case came out. They found the exculpatory evidence & gave it to Powell, who knew exactly what to do with it.
As the Democrats, Never Trumpers and the SpyGate-complicit Fake News Media have watched with disbelief and mounting horror, DOJ moved to drop the case & outrageous shenanigans by Judge Sullivan have delayed this dismissal of the case.
We’re now at the point the documentary evidence has been made public showing - despite their numerous lies about it - both Obama & Biden were involved in launching the fake investigation that led to Gen. Flynn being forced to resign, then prosecuted.
What’s the only thing the tech nerds can do?

Attack her Twitter account.

It’s absurd beyond words.

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