Victory on June Medical v. Russo!! We are celebrating this enormous win today! And we continue to honor the South for continuing to fight and WIN landmark cases like this that further protect abortion access. TRAP laws were undue 4 years ago and they're undue now.
But don't forget! While this is a huge step towards preventing hundreds of harmful and medically unnecessary laws across the country, we will always have work to do to make abortion care truly accessible and affordable.
Neither this ruling nor Roe are sufficient to ensure access to safe abortion care, especially for low-income people of color.
Access is out of reach for these communities, whether bc of racist coverage bans at the state and federal levels—forcing people to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket—or because of logistical barriers designed by state lawmakers to make safe abortion care impossible to obtain.
Abortion funds exist to bridge the gaps put in place by anti-abortion legislation. We have to stay vigilant. It will take all of us. We can't always rely on the courts.
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