You know what I really love? A bottom that’s been overstimulated into tears...

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Okay so what if after years and years of mutual pinning, Katsuki and Eijiro finally get together? And the first time that they get into bed together+
there’s just too much pent up desire for each other that it gets kind of out of hand?

Katsuki loved it at first; the way that Eijiro was devouring him. Everywhere that the redhead touched sparked with fire that quickly spread and engulfed them. It felt like heaven but Katsuki+
was so very quickly descending into hell.

They hadn’t even had sex yet and Katsuki was crying to be let go; to be released from the prison of pleasure that Eijiro had placed him in.

With every orgasm what little dribbled from Katsuki’s cock couldn’t even be considered cum+
anymore; a watery, milky fluid that leaked from his slit as he cried out.

But Eijiro couldn’t stop.

The second he’d heard Katsuki’s first reedy moan and seen his fucked out face as he’d came, Eijiro had been done for.

He never wanted it to end.
Eijiro hadn’t even cum once but he didn’t care; all that he could focus on was Katsuki. The way that he tasted slightly sweet with a hint of salty; the way his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his hips bucked everytime that Eijiro’s tongue laved over the tight+
bundle of nerves within him... Eijiro wanted to witness it all, over and over again —to see just how desperate Katsuki could become.

A chorus of /more, more, MORE/ rang through Eijiro’s head as he explored Katsuki’s body to his own content.
Katsuki had barely any strength left within himself to fight his boyfriend off as tears streamed down his face, his mouth open in a never ending flow of moans and cries.

He’d given up begging half an hour ago, his voice hoarse and his pleas going unheard by his boyfriend.
If Katsuki didn’t act fast, he was going to die and his hazy brain could only come up with one solution.

They hadn’t discussed it beforehand —Katsuki hadn’t thought that they need something like this until they were much further into their relationship— and he wasn’t+
really sure that Eijiro would even begin to understand but it was his only option at this point.

“Ei- Eijiro,” Katsuki croaked. “R-red!”

It took a few tries before Eijiro realized what was going on but the second that he did he quickly pulled back, a look of alarm+
passing over his face as he actually took in Katsuki’s state.

“Oh my god— Katsuki, I’m so sorry I don’t know what— Water! I’ll go and get you some water!”

Needless to say, they had a long talk about safe words and boundaries after Katsuki was conscious once more 😂
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