The rapid manner in which supposedly ideologically opposed people agreed on how to treat with the corona Kung Flu tells me the ideological differences are fake. The world suddenly had similar templates on covid19, from China to Russia to Iran to US. My prognosis; deep state
Even terrorists spoke from same book as presidents. The idea of China, Russia, Iran being aligned with Deep State through alignment with WHO still sends me. Then there was BLM which resurfaced on the back of a hoax coded George Floyd Soros, pretending to love black people
That BLM nowhere to be seen when black people are used aa lab rats by the Bill Gates led Covid19 vaccine sector. Ayi come on. All these countries posture hostility towards each other yet they all agree on systematic exaggeration of a flu???? They work together!!!
I still love Putin, for different reasons than before. But he’s my biggest disappointment from everything Covid19 has exposed. BRICS as a balancing bloc is a scam. Bill Gates money is exposing the connectedness of it all.
Perhaps North Korea and Cuba remain only outcasts of the deep state. They don’t have central banks controlled by the deep state. Trump has hinted at wrestling control of US fed away from the latter. But even he seems too much skin in the game. The rest? It’s all gimmicks
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