"it's just following, it's not hurting anyone" (as I imagine someone might be thinking)

following legitimizes platform. most of you I bet unfollowed authors in our community recently shown to be problematic and abusive. why not JKR? do you not see her as problematic/abusive? 🤔
hey everyone, please stop trying to defend the "hate following", it's pretty steeped in privilege. I'm sure a lot of cis folks are able to follow JKR to keep a tabs on how hurtful she is. I don't know many trans and enby ppl who can stomach doing that.
I'm gonna go ahead and speak for myself when I say: I really don't care if you're hate following her. it still hurts me, tbqh, bc you're still putting your own desire to watch (for what? why? entertainment?) over the fact that you are legitimizing a harmful, painful platform.
as for "I don't know I'm following her", that's the only excuse that I'll accept at this point because I'd have to spend way too much time unfollowing many, many mutuals. but, it isn't that hard to check if you're following her and click that "unfollow" button.
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