Thread on current #coronavirus data courtesy of @covidtracking to put things in perspective:

The US is approaching 31 million tests. 8% have come back positive, and that includes states like Arizona which are counting positive for antibodies as also a positive case.
5 times more people with symptoms have recovered than died nationwide. And since 43% of all deaths have occurred in nursing homes, where 0.6% of Americans live, the odds of recovery increase greatly if you're symptomatic and not in a nursing home.
The so-called hot spot of Arizona is currently reporting 1400 more people are hospitalized with Covid than 30 days ago. However, only .06% of its population is hospitalized and .009% of it population is in ICU with Covid.
The so-called hot spot of Florida, which has the second largest concentration of elderly in America has only seen .06% of its population hospitalized with Covid--and that includes this recent spike.
The so-called hot spot of Texas is currently reporting 5,497 people hospitalized with Covid. That is .02% of that state's current population.
Finally, the combined deaths in these so-called hot spots of Arizona, Florida and Texas is only 30% of the total deaths in New York State.
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