1/3 Liberalism Ideology: Divide &conquer!
My Iranian friend in Toronto just sent me the following:
"So I get on the bus. I tell the driver that I have to recharge my pass at the station. The driver says that’s fine. Suddenly, a black lady tells me: “You white people always lie.”
2/3 I tell her: First of all the driver allows me in cuz I always take the same route & most of the drivers know me. Who r you to question me? Second of all, I’m not even white; I’m Persian (Iranian).
3/3 I continued: "I’m sure you don’t even know what that is &you won’t even know how to locate it on the map. So stop playing the race card for me lady. Unbelievable! I stopped myself from arguing cuz I never do that. Ruined my day."
My female Ottawa Iranian friend just messaged me the following:
I left Iran for fear of organised and systematic persecution of minorities, however I also encountered other types of prejudice in Canada. I was once chased by a native woman calling me a white B....
5- In downtown Winnipeg who intended to hit me with the beer bottle or another beautiful native lady shouting at me and calling me a white B....
6- While shopping with my 6 years old niece. Fast forward when I came to Ottawa while laughing with my friend and walking in Rideau centre a young black man passing by me stopped and looked me in the eye and told me this shut the .... Up you white .....!
7-I have more encounters with racist remarks, but unprovoked hostile racists remarks on streets made me fearful and victimized once again!
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