So students from my uni, former students, staff and former staff, the city, community members, journalists and various people across the country: it's wonderful that many of you are now aware of devastating effects of racism around you but:
1/ debating only won't solve it so stop asking me to come & talk about it.
2/ I still find it extraordinary that you would think I can solve it single handedly.
3/ Even more incredible for me is nobody amongst you actually challenge the fact that there are so very few black people in academia & in my position & what it does to me to have so much work poured on me.
Talked about this with 1 of my power girls MD & academic. She was mystified as to why I'd think everyone asking me to do things is a well-wisher.
Her take 'they build you up publicly, give you little means & support to succeed so they can enjoy a spectacular & public fall.' When I argued that if I fail, they fail, she said 'yeah but they are protected by anonymity and the failure won't personally affect them.'
Since this morning (yeah I know it's taken me a while), I'm starting to think she might have a point ...
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