29 June 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Polls & Polling - Psyop or Propaganda?

Do polls data, honestly? Or do they push out an agenda, dishonestly? I think the answer was pretty much in over the vast majority of polls back in 2016. Polling pushes an agenda far more than it seeks truth.
2) Consider Druge's blaring headlines this morning. Consider every dire warning out there right now. They're all based on polling that pushes the anti-Trump agenda. I have not seen a single poll I trust, yet. Not one. Let's go deeper...
4) I forced myself to read the story. It goes from one agenda push point to the next, each as if it were news. Each pure propaganda. There is a simple reality underneath all of this pushing. We, Trump's supporters, or another we, mere patriotic citizens with minds, don't matter.
5) Fake news has a long and storied history. One of my own heroes, David Ogilvy employed the news story format for his advertising with phenomenal success. I don't feel he crossed the line into pure propaganda, but he walked up to. The credibility of news is powerful.
6) Even me, seeing Drudge and reading the AP, I feel the emotional drag that I've come to realize is the hallmark and instant warning that I am being propagandized. I've worked on this emotion, as a discipline. That is, that pitfall feeling now triggers skepticism and cold rage.
7) What we've been discussing so far is not, not yet at least, a psyop as I understand them. I use the term mere propaganda for lies or distortions presented with a manipulative purpose for a hidden agenda. A psyop requires more than that.
8) Consider a small special operations team. We have a team leader and a coms guy, a sniper and a spotter, for instance. Each of the four members has a distinct purpose and unique responsibilities. The team as a whole has a mission, each member his part of the mission.
9) A psychological operation is, in essence, no different. News, alone, cannot qualify. The operation part requires both other members of the team, and a mission that goes beyond mere propaganda. An easy to follow starting point is the teamwork between the DNC and the MSM.
10) Now, add to the mix a global funding entity such as best symbolized by George Soros, and an on-the-ground organizing endeavor as guided by Saul Alinsky's brilliant rules. Throw in academia with its Marxist values system, and dedication to wiping out American history.
11) We could keep going, there are so many members on the operational team. But let's narrow our focus again, now, to the current agenda pushing polls and their use. Consider the single poll question, a direct, honest question:

Do you support President Trump's reelection?
12) The agenda driven poll simply asks fewer people likely to say yes than no. Easy to do, easy as pie. I simply call it placing your thumb on the scale. It's the most standard form of cheating when polling. The term you hear all the time is "the model."
13) A model is concocted by magical statistical means that only the polling priesthood could possibly understand. We are told this is the best estimate of how the voters will vote, or turn up, or some such. But when you look at the model, you find fewer Trump supporters.
14) The psychological operation kicks into gear at that point. Newscasters - and worst of all, even Trump supporting news analysts - are hit with the barrage of "truth" that all the polls employ, all using the same agenda pushing methods. Reality is bent this way.
15) Let's focus on two key targets of this psyop. First, any voter that wants to support Trump is led to believe that that support will be futile. Trump is going to lose anyway, it puts into your mind and heart, and reduces the strength and confidence of your support.
16) These are called self-fulfilling prophecies. We prophecy, based on polling data, that Trump will lose. Supporters believe that to be the case. Their confidence falters and following it, their support falters. But we're not the main target. That is far smaller, by millions.
17) I believe the main target of this psyop is Trump's advisors, aids, campaign people, his overall team. They are a target rich crew anyway, all campaigns are. You can always find a disheartened campaign member to trap into a negative quote.
18) You're looking for something like:

'Yes, we have to admit, we're facing some early headwinds right now, but we have this well in hand and are adapting our strategies and methods to meet the challenge.'

On it's face, doesn't sound all that bad, does it?
19) This type of quote may be off the record, or it may even be on the record. That doesn't matter so much as it be put out and believed. So, false polling has created the perception of weakness, and now that perception is driving a response, a reaction.
20) We'll drop down one additional level. Forget the media now, altogether. How does a campaign member best serve Trump, our movement, and the nation? Whatever his or her part may be, it is driven by a vision of victory. To attack the campaign, attack that victory vision.
21) False polling can reach in and take over the psyches of the campaign members. When it does that, it is a successful operation.

Now let's zoom back upward and outward, and look at how false polling is just a part of a larger endeavor.
22) I maintain that the strongest, most important partnership on the ops team is between our DC Swamp and China. Imagine, if you will, that the doomed-from-the-start impeachment taking place at the exact time of the release of the COVID virus was not coincidental.
23) That the impeachment was doomed cannot be questioned. The "release" of the COVID virus can be. But, even there, infected Chinese citizens flying around the world, but NOT in China is impossible to dispute. We can keep that simple. Now...theorize...
24) The combination is the hallmark of an operation. Next we destroy the Trump economy, and immediately follows social unrest as if 1968 never ended, as if we'd never had a black President, yet. Placed into that context, agenda driven polling is just a part, a means.
25) Don't misunderstand, I'm NOT downplaying the pivotal role that agenda driven polling plays, quite the contrary. You have to have a mechanism to ensure that common wisdom is that Trump can't and won't win. You can't let his natural skills triumph over all.
26) I've never spoken with, nor encountered President Trump, personally. As a Trump watcher, I'm beginning to have difficulty seeing him, himself, through the haze and fog of all the media distortion. I don't know what his confidence level is, directly.
27) I think it should be obvious that he, himself, would be their ultimate, dream target. If his hope and faith were weakened, their victory would be complete. I absolutely do NOT predict that that will happen. I assure you, this concerted operation tests even his great strength.
28) On the reverse, let's add Biden, his team, and all his supporters. These agenda driven polls are targeted toward supporting them as much as they are toward discouraging us.
29) So, what must we do? I have mentioned that I am working on an answer to the question of the polling. If it comes together, I hope to provide honest data that DOES not merely counter their agenda with ours, but that cuts to the truth uncolored.
30) Toward that end, I have a favor to request. If you know honest, patriotic Democrats, ask them if they'd be willing to answer, publicly, just a few questions that you, too have committed to answering. They will be extremely simple, will you vote, who for, etc.
31) If the public part of our coming endeavor is to work, we CANNOT simply be an echo chamber for Trump supporters. We're going to have to build an accurate reading of Democrats and Independents. Our method has NOT been ironed out yet, but will be soon.
32) And new endeavors cannot and must not promise success. Imagine, for instance, that we are over represented with Trump supporters. That would be abject failure. We'd be doing nothing other than our own agenda pushing. You may be certain I'll never do anything like that.
33) As we're not ready, quite yet, to kick off, the only action I'd request is that they follow me here at twitter and sound off a bit. I'm NOT looking to replicate the same old tired fake arguments and false debates. Those are just agenda driven as well. Won't help.
34) What I do need to do, though, is win a spot in their minds and hearts as an honest actor. It is actually quite personal. All endeavors must be led, and no endeavor is more trustworthy than its leader. I must earn trust with both Democrats and Independents. Can you help me?
35) Even there, forget about me, now. I cannot too strongly encourage you to build honest, open conversation - often that has to be in private, not in public, at least at first - with members of the other side, and the in between team. This is part of countering false polling.
36) Don't get angry. Don't raise your voice. Don't argue. Just walk through the information above, about the polls, so you sew rightful, honest seeds of doubt over the veracity of the polls. It's easy to do. Everyone remembers how wrong the polling was in 2016.
37) Anyone can see how false the MSM's work is, if they're ready to look. Do NOT expect conversions. Don't even be happy when you get one. Rather, just be happy to have an honest, non-confrontational, open conversation with a friend. Friends are allowed to disagree.
38) But the most important action you can take, after NOT believing the false images projected, is to take up the same emotional discipline I work on every single day. Learn to notice the emotional fall, and then, identify it as the effect of the current psyop.
39) I promise again, I AM NOT IMMUNE, myself. It is a discipline, a practice. I have to learn to look, and learn to watch my own inner emotions in reaction to what I see. I must become more self-aware. That's the most important action of all, and I urge it to you with all I am.
40) Stay tuned here for coming information about how to join in the search for honest polling data, uncolored by agenda or hidden purposes. It will be simple, clear, easy to understand and to work, we will need honest Democrats and Independents. Go find them for us, please!
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