Now we come to latest emotional blackmailer Haseeba Qambrani, now listen to her campaign for:
Zakir Majeed the Senior Vice -Chairman of terror group BSO-Azad
-Farzana Majeed the paid operative for #BLA
-Mahrang the undercover Vice Chairperson of thr terror group BSO-Azad.

But she won’t tell you that she is the sister of Salam Qambrani & cousin of Gazzain Qambrani.

Both of them member of banned terror organizations:

-Salman Qambrani was working for Brahamdagh Bugti’s BRA & he was a active Unit Commander of banned BRP-Azad (BRA’s sistr org).

-Gazzain Qambrani was an active member of BSO-Azad.

He was not only a member, but the President of the banned terror group BSO-Azad Islamabad Zone, that works as a recruiting arm of #BLA, UBA & BLF for students in Islamabad educational institutions such as QAU.

Both Salman Qambrani brother of Haseeba Qambrani & her cousin Gazzain Qambrani were found dead together.

Both were terrorists and It is highly plausible that both of them fell victim to the intra gang warfare between Harbiyar led #BLA, Mehran led UBA & Allah Nazar led BLF.

If you still don’t believe they kill each other, then let me present you with a leaked audio recording of terrorist BLF head Allah Nazar, asking his BLF commander to steal weapong from the BLA training camp, and threatening him if he’s thinking of leaving BLF to join #BLA.

The propaganda campaign for this #BLA BRA BLF UBA LEB terror network India is funding & run by Indian paid bots in Europe.

Last year "EU DisinfoLab" uncoverd a network of Indian obscure NGOs & think tanks doing propaganda for Balochistan & PTM.

This entire Indian sponsored terror network was finally exposed by son of #BLA founder Hazar Khan Marri & founder of BLF Dr Jumma Khan Marri himself who lives in Moscow Russia.

He finally recognized that this terrorism is not helping & only hurting people of Balochistan.

Dr Jumma Khan Marri has exposed Indian RAW sponsorship of terrorist groups #BLA led by Harbiyar, BRA led by Brahamdagh Bugti, LEB led by Javed Mengal, UBA led by Mehran Marri, BLF led by Allah Nazar & others creating unrest in Balochistan.

Dr Jumma Khan Marri continues to expose Indian RAW & Afghan NDS sponsorship of #BLA & other terrorist groups operating out of Afghanistan with Indian funding to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

He is the most authentic voice to expose Indian terrorism in Pakistan.

Another female face of protests at Mama Qadeer’s fraud “missing persons campaign” is Sammi Baloch & her sister Mehlab Baloch. They protest for their father Deen Mohammad Baloch.

Let’s see who is Deen Mohammad?

Is he an innocent doctor with no links to terrorism?


Both his daughters Sammi Baloch &
Mehlab baloch are frequently seen at Mama Qadeer’s fraud “missing persons” camp.

They make emotional videos, crying & wailing at the loss of their father but they will not tell the reality behind their father’s activities.

Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch is also a medical graduate from BMC, the hotbed of banned terrorist BSO-Azad.

He was also not only was an active leader of banned terrorist group BSO-Azad but he was also a member of BNM that calls for violent terrorism against the state.

BNM is the same group that was founded by the vitriolic student leader Ghulam Mohammad Baloch who also belonged to the banned terror group BSO-Azad .

It was Dr Ghulam Mohammad who declared war against the state.

Dr Deen Mohammad was also a close associate of the vicious terrorists leader Dr Allah Nazar & can be seen here with him in Iran/Afghanistan.

Deen Mohammad Baloch was an active terrorist, engaged in the recruiting, planning & execution of terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Not only Deen Mohammad but his daughter Mahleb Baloch, frequently seen at Mama Qadeer’s fraud ‘missing persons protests,’ can be seen here visiting the terror Don BLF’s Dr Allah Nazar in his mountain hideout, as a child.

Now she is a student leader of the banned BSO-Azad.

Another female voice that has been running social media campaigns for her “missing” brother Rashid Hussain is Fareeda Baloch.

Who is this Rashid Hussain?

Is he an innocent peace loving civilian with no links to any terrorist groups?


Here Fareeda Baloch can be seen holding a press conference at Mama Qadeer’s fraud ‘missing persons camp’ for her “missing” brother Rashid Hussain.

Mama Qadeer has also been promoting her campaign online.

Let me tell you about Rashid Hussain aka Rashid Brohi aka Rashid Baloch.

He was a member of the banned terrorist recruiting organization BSO-Azad, a member of BNM & social media operative for Indian sponsored terror groups #BLA BRA BLF UBA & LEB.

He was arrested in #UAE.

Rashid Hussain is the key suspect of #BLA terrorist attack at Chinese consulate in Karachi.

He was traced arriving in Karachi before attack, his bank acct was used to organize it, he was actually present near the consulate during attack & he escaped to Sharjah right after.

Right after the attack he was arrested by UAE’s law enforcement agencies & #BLA’s terrorist network has been campaigning for his release ever since, posing him as an innocent refugee.

Ever Karima Baloch organied protest for Rashid Hussain’s release in Geneva Switzerland.

Here’s various news reports describing how Rashid’s name was revealed during investigation of #BLA claimed terrorist attack at Chinese consulate in Karachi.

Arrested suspects from Karachi revealed how Rashid helped organize the attack, following which he was traced.

No one has exposed RAW’s terrorism more than BLF founder
Jumma Khan Marri
son of BLA founder Mir Hazar Khan Marri &
Designer of Greater Balochistan Flag.

He’s condemned :
Harbiyar Marri’s #BLA
Brahamdagh Bugti’s BRA
Mehran Marri’s UBA
Allah Nazar’s BLF
Javed Mengal’s LEB

Let’s look at another missing person Dilawar Baloch son of Shah Meer claimed by Mama Qadeer’s fraud “missing persons campaign” as an innocent “volleyball player” with no links to terrorist groups.

BLF however claimed him as a BLF terrorist & offered him a “Red Salute.”

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