So... what has President Trump done for black people? Read this thread and share it widely. Be the news! Just these things alone show Trump is working hard for ALL Americans. Anybody who criticizes these efforts is a hypocrite who wants black people to fail. Period. -VJ
Here's someone who is free today because of the First Step Act. -VJ
What has President Trump done to honor and elevate black people? He designated the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. a national historic park! -VJ
What is President Trump doing to show he's dedicated to loving ALL people in our Republic? Well... he pressured a FOREIGN COUNTRY to release a fellow citizen who also happens to be black. People who call Trump a racist should be LAUGHED OUT OF THE ROOM!!! -VJ
Even Democrats are LEAVING their Party because of how well Trump has been working to treat ALL people as EQUALS in our Republic, UNLIKE the Democrats who want to keep us all in our own ghettos mentally! -VJ
Yeah... some racist Trump turned out to be. -VJ
Keep putting the word out there! We finally have a President who is working to give EVERYONE a chance. He believes in the potential of EVERYONE. Biden wants to INCARCERATE us! Trump wants us all to THRIVE! Do NOT let Biden become President!!! -VJ
In NOVEMBER 2019... just BEFORE the virus hit... here's what Bloomberg had to say about President Trump's economy and how it is helping black people! I'm SICK, SICK, SICK of liberals bashing this man!!! What kind of disgusting evil animal downplays these GREAT successes?! -VJ
Some of the loudest voices of praise for President Trump are coming from Civil Rights leaders like Clarence Henderson and Charles Evers. Articles like this one, written by a black author, give HIGH praise to Trump for his INCLUSIVE agenda! ENOUGH with the Trump bashing! -VJ
Yes... RECORD BREAKING economic results for African Americans! RECORD BREAKING!!!! Democrats need to shut their mouths and take a seat! -VJ
I absolutely BREAKS my heart to imagine Biden becoming President and seeing all this HOPE that Trump is bringing to ALL Americans VAPORIZE into thin air and be replaced by war in the Middle East, higher taxes, lost jobs, lower wages and increased incarcerations of black men! -VJ
President Trump is opening the doors of opportunity to EVERYONE across the board! People who call him a racist are dimwits who CANNOT logically explain why he CONTINUES to give MAJOR opportunities to black people, over and over and over and over and over!!!!! -VJ
News flash: A racist doesn't nominate black judges, ESPECIALLY not FEMALE black judges! The BIG LIE of the evil disgusting Democrats MUST be CRUSHED!!! RIGHT NOW! -VJ
Democrats are even bashing President Trump over his opportunity zones, which are INDEED helping those in the inner city! Senator Tim Scott, lays it out in this article. Us this article to DEFEND against idiot liberals who say this is just a gift to billionaire developers! -VJ
THIS is the dream of President Trump for the United States! It's been his dream since way back in the 1990's when he FIRST explored running for President as well as in 2000 when OPRAH WINFREY was to be his running mate! THIS is his vision the DEMOCRATS #Resist. UNFORGIVABLE! -VJ
What makes me most annoyed is to hear white liberals tell me how President Trump doesn't give a damn about me. Who in their right mind would DISREGARD all the good I see with my VERY OWN EYES and throw that all away because some liberal hates Trump? It's ludicrous! Read this: -VJ
Here's another exhibit in the MOUNTAIN of evidence of Trump's ACTIONS regarding black people. The media can twist his words like a pretzel, but they CANNOT skew his actions. His ACTIONS prove he's NOT what the liberals claim: "a racist or a bigot" He wishes justice for ALL! -VJ
The next time a liberal tells you Trump is a bigot or a racist, and shows you some left-wing propaganda article twisting his words out of whack, look at them and tell them that it is THEY who are the threat to civil rights! Show this article to them. THEY are the threat. -VJ
White liberals want to convince black liberals that Trump is a bigot and a racist. They bend over backwards to try and diminish the work President Trump has done trying to create national harmony. Democrats BREAK promises. They HATE Trump because he KEEPS his! So refreshing!-VJ
When a black president of a bank stands up and levels praise at President Trump in FEBRUARY of this year, it's time for white liberals to see how utterly ridiculous it is for them to keep insisting that Trump is racist. Their accusations sound utterly insane in this context. -VJ
Dear armchair revolutionaries who believe Trump is a racist and you're fighting a noble cause helping the Democrats retake power in D.C. You're on the wrong side of history! Want proof? Read this ENTIRE thread of articles. Trump is INSPIRING black people to RISE!!! JOIN US!!! -VJ
If the Democrats are the party of civil rights as they claim... why are civil rights activists like Leo Terrell, Clarence Henderson and Charles Evers all DISGUSTED with Democrats and voting Trump? Terrell actually just said: "Democrats, please leave the party." That's HUGH!!! -VJ
President Trump doesn't put on Kente Cloth, or code switch, or carry hot sauce, or tell black people #YouAintBlack (as Biden did). Trump simply passes legislation that EMPOWERS us. To #RESIST Trump is to resist black progress. There's just no other way to frame it. Period. -VJ
Just keeping it real. Am I going to listen to a white Democrat tell me Trump is a racist who doesn't care about black people, or am I going to look at his ACTIONS and the GLOWING praise of black civil rights activists like Horace Cooper? Easy choice. -VJ
Not only is President Trump empowering black people to rise economically, he's taking a DIRECT hand in making SURE we rise at ALL levels of our Republic. Opposition to Trump is opposition to his PROVEN agenda of black empowerment! I mean... COME ON! Look at this! 👇🏾 -VJ
In Trump's 4 short years, we've seen a near constant barrage of actions CRUSHING any narrative claiming he's not TOTALLY committed to seeing black people ACHIEVE a seat at EVERY table! Black FEMALE BRIGADIER GENERAL! 👇🏾Why would anyone REMOVE such a CHAMPION of black people? -VJ
ANYONE opposing the man who 'boosts blacks' opposes blacks. Period. Either you SUPPORT those who 'boost blacks' or you OPPOSE them. If you OPPOSE them, don't tell me you love black people! The #Resist movement is literally RESISTING black progress! -VJ
Can you "woke" Democrats do us black people a HUGE favor and LOVE US enough to STOP opposing the man finally EMPOWERING us? Don't tell me how much you care about black people while every breath you take is used to destroy the VERY man empowering us! -VJ
When President Trump took office, he invited a group of influential black citizens to the White House and asked, "What are the MOST critical issues facing black Americans?" He then set about delivering EMPOWERMENT in those EXACT areas. Why would ANY good person #Resist him? -VJ
The year is 2025. Ex-Presidents gather for an awards ceremony. M/C announces the award for first black President. As the presenter walks past the Presidents, he pauses in front of a beaming Obama, then turns and hands the award to President Trump. 🎤⤵️ -VJ
My nickname for President Trump: "America's first black president". Click this thread of tweets and read how his policies are creating an environment of EMPOWERMENT for ALL people. FINALLY a President who ELEVATES black people! Only an evil RACIST would #Resist such a person! -VJ
While Presidents in the past have named new aircraft carriers after Presidents, Trump named one after a BLACK MAN!!!

I'm adding this to my LONG THREAD of MONUMENTAL things Trump has done as President to ELEVATE and INSPIRE! "We shall overcome" is NOW. Let's keep this GOING! -VJ
I was raised to believe that "We shall overcome" was a song of hope for a future where all Americans are elevated by the underlying conservative principles which freed the slaves. The song goes: "We shall overcome... someday." "Someday" seems to have arrived. Cherish this! -VJ
Remember when Kamala Harris sat at the VP debate and said Trump hasn't nominated any BLACK judges? Remember that? I do. It felt like a slap across the fact. It felt like what JIM CROW racists used to do when they would DIMINISH black accomplishments! -VJ
It's bad enough we've got white liberals trying to lie to keep black people as slaves on the Democrat plantation... but now we've got Kamala Harris doing it... at the VP debate she said NONE of President Trump's appointed judges were black. LIAR!!! -VJ
I have tears in my eyes as I post this. The Democrats promised to change the lives of black Americans for the better, then proceeded to put us in jail for life. Even Kamala Harris betrayed us. But now Trump is here. And he has NOT betrayed us! 🙏🏽-VJ
Click "Show this thread" and scroll up and down through all these things Trump has done to elevate and empower black people like me in just 4 short years. And if after reading these things... you STILL want to vote Democrat... play this video. 👇🏾 -VJ
Listen to this woman's assessment of Trump. If you're a black voter or a liberal white voter who still loves black people (there seem to very few these days), listen to her and tell me where she's wrong. When she's finished, click "Show this thread". -VJ
If you're a person "in the know" with any political savvy regarding US politics and "race relations," whether black or white, you know the sheer nuclear significance of this event. If you #VoteBiden you once again shatter the dreams of black Americans. -VJ
When you sing "We shall overcome... someday..." What does "someday" look like? How will you know when it arrives? Will you #Resist its arrival if it arrives in an unexpected way? Click "Show this thread" after watching this amazing lesson. Embrace it. -VJ
Trump created 2 black Brigadier Generals in his first 4 years. One is a Tuskegee Airman. The other is a woman. White liberal media should have thrown a parade. Instead, they buried the news and called Trump a Nazi. By doing so, they slapped our faces for daring to feel joy! -VJ
Wise words from Malcolm X. It's as if nothing has changed with white liberals since his day. -VJ
I posted this thread (which contains action, after action, after action taken by President Trump to elevate and empower black people) yesterday to a black man who was complaining about "nobody" doing anything for black Americans. Guy blocked me. 🤦🏽‍♂️Click "Show this thread". 👇🏾-VJ
Leave it to RACIST Trump to pick an old WHITE guy to be the top doctor in the country! Oh wait👇🏾 (if you want to learn just how NOT racist Trump is, and just how much he has done to empower and elevate black people in 4 years, click "Show this thread" and scroll up and down). -VJ
He's KNOWS President Trump will keep his word. Why? Because he has. (see ). The KKK will be designated a Terror org under the Platinum Plan (read it). Democrats have had over 60 years to do it, instead, they elevated KKK members! 👇🏾😡-VJ
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