These 3 tribal sardars were members of Soviet influenced NAP (ANP) & allies of Indian sponsored Awami League in 1970 elections.

Following India’s invasion of East Pakistan they met with Bengali diplomats to plan Balochistan’s secession from Pakistan.
In 1973 Nawab Akbar Bugti publicly disavowed the plan & exposed the ‘London Plan’ as a conspiracy to break Balochistan away from Pakistan on behest of KGB & RAW.

Akbar Bugti was made Governor Balochistan & he oversaw an army operation against Marri & Mengal dominated #BLA.

Parallel with creation of #BLA another terror group BLF was formed in 1964 by leftist baloch students in Syria.

Balochistan Liberation Front-BLF was formed by student leader Jumma Khan Marri in Syria, son of Sardar of Ramkani clan Hazar Khan Marri & senior BLA commander.

Aim of BLF was an independent Greater Balochistan based on baloch populated areas in Iran & Pakistan.

Since Iran was a US ally, Soviet & Syrian Leftist Bath Party provided full support.

Jumma Khan Marri is also considered as designer of the flag of Greater Balochistan.

Difference b/w Mukhti Bahini’s in East Pakistan & #BLA/BLF in Balochistan was:

Whereas India invaded East Bengal on their behalf, Iran joined Pakistan to defeat the heavily armed BLA/BLF militants.

Insurgency was defeated & BLA/BLF militants were captured or surrendered.

With capture of Sher Mohammad Marri & Hazar Khan Marri & with Ali Mohammad Mengal killed, Marri & Mengal Sardars both lost their key commanders.

Attaullah Mengal left for UK & Khair Buksh Marri took 10k tribesmen for self exile in Afg.

Then #BLA/BLF moved to Afghanistan.

With direct Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the leftist bubble of Marxist politics in Pakistan was blown.

Soviets exposed themselves by brutally installing then eliminating Afghan Marxist factions led by Taraki, Hafizullah Amin, Babrak Karmal, until Dr Najib was installed.

Khair Buksh Marri from Afghanistan & Attaullah Mengal from London continued to enjoy patronage of Soviet KGB & Indian RAW to sponsor terrorist activities in Pakistan.

However, the collapse of Soviet Union made marxism obsolete & both leftist Sardars returned to Pakistan.

BLF continued the leftist ideological campaign for independence of baloch areas of both Pakistan & Iran into Greater Balochistan, with the help of leftists baloch exiles living across the world.

Later, Jumma Khan Marri moved to Moscow and remained active as an ideologue.

Jumma Khan Marri’s father Hazar Khan Marri later recognized the political bankruptcy of Marxist politics as Soviet Union collapsed, he rejoined mainstream Pakistani politics & became a campaigner against terrorism.

However #BLA cofounder Sher Mohammad Marri moved to India.

Sher Mohammad Marri couldn’t come to terms with collapse of Soviet Union’s leftist utopia.

He became a disappointed and broken man.

Despite denying being an agent of KGB & RAW he lived in Afghanistan until Soviets left, then moved to India, where he died in May 1993.

The circumstances of Marri & Mengal subversive Sardars being allowed to return,join politics in Pakistan
Bugti tribal conflict that led Akbar Bugti to terrorism is subject of another thread I’ll write later.

For now, let’s continue with major terror groups in Balochistan.

Tragedy of Pakistan’s political discourse is that the most subversive elements being most vocal, are accommodated by govts & media to temper their vitriol against state, but when in power these elements then used this political legitimacy to undermine the state itself.

That’s exactly what took place in 1990s Balochistan:

Akbar Bugti became Chief minister & his sons became parliamentarians & ministers.

Then Akhtar Mengal became CM & sons of Khair Buksh Marri became parliamentarians & ministers too.

Marxism was abandoned for capitalism.

Return of these militant families also affected student politics of Balochistan.

BSO became divided into many factions, each affiliated with a sardar/political party.

Each faction still being leftist in orientation, worked to gain greater influence for their parent group.

For almost a decade militancy seemed to have been eliminated & subversive politics was replaced with politics of influence.

Leftist ideologues were ignored as fringe elements by all political forces.

It’s in these circumstances that, a new extremist faction of BSO emerged.

In 2002 at Bolan Medical College a student leader Allah Nazar formed the pro-violence, pro-independence faction called BSO-Azad.

In this propaganda video by BSO-Azad, Allah Nazar called for open rebellion & an armed insurgency against the state for outright independence.

After US invasion of Afghanistan & with return of KGB & RAW linked Khad agents returning to power in Kabul & with Ajit Doval heading operations at Intelligence Bureau, Indian deep state decided to fund & sponsor the reactivation of terror networks in Balochistan, see below.

Indian funds were pumped into reactivation of #BLA now being headed by sons of Nawab Khair Buksh Marri: Harbiyar, Balach & Mehran.

Similarly, Balach Marri’s close relations with Brahamdagh Bugti & Javed Mengal helped arm Bugtis & Mengals under their tribal control.

But top most interest of Indian agencies was to invest into the leftist, militant & pro-violence student activists of BSO-Azad to serve as a support base for eventual anti-state terrorism.

To this end Dr Allah Nazar got promoted from BSO-Azad & handed the leadership of BLF.

While Allah Nazar used BSO-Azad to recruit students activists to serve as future terrorists of BLF.

Khair Buksh Marri, Akbar Bugti & Attaullah Mengal began using the new Indian funded arms smuggled across the Afghan border to tighten their grip on their local tribal rivals.

These tribal atrocities began shaping into law & order problems & failure of negotiations on Sui royalties resulted in rockets being fired on Akbar Bugti’s orders at Sui Gas facilities in Dera Bugti.

Orders for his arrest were issued & he escaped into the Marri hills.

Escape was organized by Brahamdagh Bugti who was assured protection of Marri tribesmen by Balach Marri.

But on a tip off Akbar Bugti’s cave was located in a cave near Kohlu.

As LEAs approached the cave to arrest him it was blown in an IED killing Akbar Bugti & 23 soldiers.

Brahamdagh & Balach were present at the cave but managed to escape, Brahamdagh blamed Balach for blowing the cave up resulting in parting of ways.

But 26 Aug 2006, served as the date that Indians decided to push the insurgency they had been preparing for, out into the open.

Khair Buksh Marri’s 3 sons decided to take the reins of #BLA.

Harbiyar Marri left for London, Mehran Marri left for Switzerland & Balach Marri escaped to Afghanistan.

All 3 established contacts with Indian RAW for funding, however Balach being in Afghanistan dominated BLA.

Brahamdagh Bugti escaped to Afghanistan as well.

He established his own contacts with Afghan NDS as well as Indian RAW to secure funding and training camps for carrying out terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

He named his terror outfit as tge Baloch Republican Army.

Dr Allah Nazar’s BLF became active as well.
Him along with his leftist students established base out of sparsely populated hills in Awaran.

He also began using arms & funds received from Indian RAW via Afghanistan as well as Iran to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Javed Mengal son of Attaullah Mengal & brother of Akhtar Mengal escaped to Afghanistan, Switzerland, UAE & established terrorist outfit ‘Lashkare Balochistan’ to receive continued funding from RAW.

On Indian insistence his group also uses the name ‘Baloch Republican Guards’

Balach Marri was killed in a shootout in Afghanistan in Nov 2007

#BLA needed a new leader, his own father Nawab Khair Baksh Marri blamed Harbiyar’s commander Aslam Achu to be behind Balach Marri’s killing.

Aslam Achu helped Harbiyar take over control of Kandahar based BLA.

Soon thereafter differences developed b/w #BLA’s Harbiyar & his younger brother Mehran Marri aka Miran aka Zamuran, also is a British citizen.

Despite being sidelined by Aslam Achu, Nawab Marri supported Mehran who established his own terror outfit ‘United Baloch Army’-UBA

With many terror bosses outside Pakistan, Nawab Marri now residing at Javed Mengal’s house in Karachi, tried to unite them under leadership of Allah Nazar.
Everyone refused.

Then, India created an umbrella org ‘BRAS’ to coordinate terror activities of #BLA BRA UBA BLF & LEB

These terrorist groups directly sponsored by Indian RAW in coordination with Afghan NDS played havoc with the lives of people in Balochistan with 3,232 terror attacks between 2008-2012.

Note, just as many baloch victims were targeted as punjabi, sindhi, pashtun or hazara:

According to Global terrorim Database:

Founder of BSO-Azad & favorite terrorist of Pakistani leftists,marxists Allah Nazar’s outfit BLF is responsible for the murder of one hundred and thirty civilians in 2009 alone.

In one of the most despicable terrorist attacks claimed by BSO-Azad’s founder Allah Nazar’s BLF was the cold blooded killing of poor labourers working for a developing project in the area of Kech in Turbat Balochistan in April 2015.

Another inhuman terrorist attack claimed by the youngest son of Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, Mehran Marri aka Miran aka Zamuran’s UBA is the cruel execution style killings of civilian travelers in buses in the area of Mastung Balochistan in June 2015.

Another cowardly terrorist attack claimed by the another son of Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, Harbiyar Marri’s #BLA is the cold blooded style murder of poor labourera working at a development project in Pashgan area near Gwadar Balochistan in June 2017.

These terrorist groups appear on Indian media to spread their propaganda, while denying Indian sponsorship as a clever tactic.

But capture of a serving Indian naval officer RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav from Balochistan exposed this Indian sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at who Aslam Achu is, he too began as a marxist student activist.

Then Aslam Baloch aka Baloch Khan aka Aslam Achu, graduates to #BLA commander.

Here in this Aljazeera documentary he portrays himself as a militant for Baloch rights & threatens attacks.

Years later, he’s talking to Indian media, in his militant fatigue shamelessly parroting RAW propaganda to expressing his desire of breaking up Pakistan.

Due to such #BLA & BSO-Azad propaganda many innocent Baloch youngsters have been led to a life of violence & terrorism.

Sitting in Afghanistan, Aslam Achu with NDS help is responsible for masterminding this suicide attack on a bus of Chinese engineers working on CPEC.

He had #BLA operatives record the attack, then released the footage as propaganda, as well as to secure funding from RAW.

Aslam Achu is also the mastermind of attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi.

In this taped conversation, he’s live, leading suicide #BLA terrorists (he sent from Afghanistan) via his mobile phone during the attack.

Again, they parrot Indian propaganda that targets CPEC.

He was featured regularly on Indian media to spew anti-Pakistan & anti-CPEC propaganda.

He was also sent to India for medical treatment by NDS & RAW.

Finally, due to gang warfare b/w #BLA & UBA terrorists he was killed in his compound at Ayno Mina neighborhood in Kandahar.

The grotesque nature of these terrorist acts in the name of baloch rights finally helped convince world powers of terrorism by these criminal outfits.

In July 2019 Morgan Ortagus spokesperson for US State Dept announced the designation of #BLA as a terrorist organization.

Incidentally, the fact that #BLA is part of a larger conglomerate of terrorist groups named BRAS, with coordination, cooperation & mutual exchange of funds, arms & manpower helps bring all these outfits under the umbrella of terror designation.

Mobilization of all this terrorism wouldn’t have been possible without political support by 2 tribal sardars Attaullah Mengal & Khair Buksh Marri who used their links with RAW & NDS to sponsor & organize terrorism in Pakistan.

Nawab Marri wasn’t even apologetic about it:

Khair Baksh Marri is undisputed godfather of all terrorism in Balochistan & is singlehandedly responsible for pushing Baloch youngsters towards a life of violence.

Not only did he urged baloch youth to indulge in anti state activities, but he campaigned to breakup Pakistan.

Even Akbar Bugti didn’t deny being a active supporter of ‘Greater Balochistan’ conspiracy that was the brainchild of Soviet KGB to instigate marxist insurgencies in baloch populated areas of Iran & Pakistan as way weaken the two states for being US allies during Cold War.

Terrorism by Akbar Bugti, use of rocket & bomb attacks & his escape to the hills was used by Sardar Akhtar Mengal to take maximum political advantage.

In one of his rallies he openly declared that:

“My struggle in life (jihad) is against Kafirs but against Pakistan:”

Akhtar Mengal & BNP party could easily be described as the political face of terrorist org Lashkare-Balochistan-LEB headed by his brother Javed Mengal.

During his rallies he openly instigated peaceful citizens to join RAW sponsored terrorism in the name of Baloch rights.

Sardar Akhtar Mengal dislikes being asked by media to state his loyalty to Pakistan, as he claimed in NA
“Is it not enough that I took an oath of loyalty to Pakistan at becoming a member of parliament?”

But he fails to accept that he used to call for an independent state.

If you think his calls for open rebellion against the state were emotional outbursts or simple polemics, then you are wrong.

Akhtar Mengal led a campaign against settlers in Balochistan that, resulted in ethnic cleansing of thousands of non-baloch residents of Balochistan.

BLF boss Allah Nazar, a medical doctor & his BSO-Azad recruits, also began carrying out acts of terrorism in coordination with Indian RAW.

Allah Nazar’s terror group openly uses Indian line of equating Balochistan with Kashmir & justifies target killings of civilians.

Ghulam Mohammad is another notorious character from BSO-Azad.

Just listen to these so called student leaders, who spew hate at the very state they should be serving to make their own lives better.

These are the people who lead innocent baloch youth to a path of violence.

Allah Nazar is pioneer of shamelessly leading innocent Baloch students to a life of violence & terrorism, not only ruining the lives of numerous Baloch families but to also sabotage the development of Balochistan.

Acting as a RAW stooge he openly campaigns against #CPEC.

#BLA on the other hand also exposed its Indian RAW sponsored agenda, when they began specifically targeting CPEC related projects in #Balochistan.

By targeting development, these terrorists outfits tried hurting the prosperity of same Baloch people they claim to fight for.

BSO-Azad eventually served as a recruiting tool for BLF, #BLA, BRA & Lashkare Balochistan terrorist organizations.

They got huge amount of arms to openly challenge the state.

It took lots of sacrifices by Levies & FC Balochistan to cleanse Balochistan of these terrorists.

Poor youngsters of Balochistan were led towards a life of criminality & misery in the name of leftist ideals, media played a part too.

They were recruited from educational institutions & pushed towards terrorism.

Anyone who left, was brutally killed to serve as an example.

Cowardly attacks were carried out targeting patrolling vehicles of law enforcement agencies to make propaganda videos in order to collect payments from RAW.

Ex militants in the previous clip described how Allah Nazar collects 10 lacs per vehicle attack from Indian bosses.

These evil terrorist kingpins awashed with Indian funds continued to lead a life of luxury in Switzerland and England, while using the innocent youth of balochistan as fuel to stoke the fire of terrorism in Pakistan.

This is Brahamdagh Bugti leading BRA from Switzerland:

Head of BRA Brahamdagh Bugti has been on record accepting his seeking sponsorship of & working as an agent of the Indian policy makers:

No one in balochistan should feel any sympathy for these traitorous murderers, be it BRA’s Brahamdagh, #BLA’s Harbiyar, UBA’s Mehran, LEB’s Javed or BLF’s Allah Nazar.

They spill Pakistani blood to enjoy a life of wealth & privilege, thrown at them by their Indian masters.

Another section of our society that inadvertently or intentionally aids this terrorism is the closet marxists, former leftists & liberal elites occupying positions that influence opinions & shape narratives.

They’ve played a sad part in justifying terrorism in Balochistan.

Before we go any further, let’s place it on the record that according to the list of NACTA, the state of Pakistan has declared all these organizations as banned proscribed terrorist organizations:

25-Lashkare Balochistan

Hence, it’s imperative for us to realize that Mama Qadeer is using his ‘missing persons’ campaign to generate sympathy for terrorists of #BLA BLF BRA UBA LEB

His real motive is not baloch or human rights, but it’s to normalize & coordinate anti-state activities in Pakistan.

What then, about all these young girls seen accompanying Mama Qadeer during his so called missing persons protests, marches & hunger strike camps?

What about their emotional viral videos?

Who are their missing brothers, fathers & cousins?

Let’s take a look at few of them:

To get the context behind a sudden upsurge of these female victims, appearing in social media campaigns, we need to realize that it’s part of a change in tactics by social media teams of these terrorist orga including BSO-Azad, BLF, #BLA, BRA, LEB & their Indian handlers:

The first one we look at is Farzana Majeed.

She’s 1st woman activist used by Mama Qadeer to lead a missing persons march from Quetta to Islamabad.
She became a poster child of the march to showcase female victims.

But is she a innocent civilian, with no links to terrorism?

Farzana majeed is a campaigner for her missing brother, but who is he?

It is none other than Zakir Majeed,
the infamous Senior Vice Chairman of terrorist org BSO-Azad!

If you still think that he was just an innocent nerdy student, seeking baloch rights, you’re wrong again.

If you believe he wasn’t involved in militancy & recruiting innocent youngsters from campuses in Balochistan & Sindh, to join a path of violence & terrorism, to ruin his own & his entire family’s lives, to sabotage the development & prosperity in Pakistan.

Then listen here:

If you still don’t believe he was directly linked to vicious terrorists organizing terror attacks in Balochistan & Sindh on behalf of NDS & RAW,

then look at this image of him in Iran/Afghanistan with son of Allah Nazar the terrorist founder of BSO-Azad & head of BLF.

Above evidence of him linked to Allah Nazar proves he didn’t go ‘missing’ as she claims but decided to join BLF’s terror operations.

Note, her falsely blaming state for killing Mama Qadeer’s son, a self admitted terrorist.

Note her justifications for BRA & #BLA terrorism.

Farzana Majeed used her protests to travel to the US with Mama Qadeer. She gained asylum in the US & began directly receiving funds from RAW via #BLA for campaigning for her ‘missing brothers’ & ‘Baloch rights.’

This is how this racket benefits these scammers.

She has been settled in Newville Pennsylvania, by her handler who is married to an FBI agent & he is a top lieutenant of #BLA head Harbiyar Marri in the US.

She gets paid by BLA for lobbying in US for them as part of human right NGOs by defaming Pakistan at speaking events.

If you don’t believe it, then watch Mama Qadeer leaked video rec.

It was him who built Farzana’s ‘missing persons’ profile in Pakistan & took her to US, his own plan was to settle in US to work for #BLA, but BLA refused.

Disappointed, he recorded this video for friends:

Now, the question is why did #BLA choose to support Farzana Majeed settle in the US if her brother Zakir Majeed worked for the rival BLF?

It’s because she had another brother Babar Majeed aka Fareed Baloch, who worked directly for Indian sponsored BLA camps in Afghanistan.

Listen to the audio clip in tweet nr:66, where Aslam Achu is live guiding #BLA terrorists attacking Chinese consulate in Karachi.

Babar Majeed was also live on call besides Aslam Achu in Afghanistan giving instructions to the suicide attackers during the terrorist attack.

Babar Majeed was killed with Aslam Achu in an internal gang war during the bomb attack at the #BLA compound in Ayno Mina neighborhood of Kandahar in Afghanistan.

BLA social media accounts claimed him as an active terrorist working for BLA & being killed in Afghanistan.

BSO-Azad, #BLA, BRA, UBA, BLF & LEB’s goons are responsible for a reign of terror in villages & town of Balochistan.

These so called ‘missing persons’ had been actively involved in terror attacks in Pakistan.

It’s important for us to know that Mama Qadeer is a fraud.

Such are the deep links between Mama Qadeer’s VBMP & terror orgs that:

When BLF Allah Nazar’s wife & #BLA Aslam Achu’s sister were arrested at Afghan border transporting funds into Pakistan, few months before Chinese Consulate attack, Mama Qadeer held this protest:

Have you ever seen Mama Qadeer hold a protest when these very same terrorist organizations that ruthlessly attacked & killed baloch men, women & children, because they considered them to be patriot Pakistanis?

Why are his protest campaigns alway for anti state elements?

Let’s look at another female ‘missing persons activist’ frequently seen at Mama Qadeer’s protest rallies and protest camps.

Her name is Mahrang Baloch, who campaigns for her missing father Abdul Ghaffar Langove.

But who is Abdul Gaffar Langove?

Was he just an activist?

After success of Farzana Majeed as female face of Mama Qadeer’s fraud ‘missing persons campaign,’ a new face was needed.

His team decided to launch Mahrang Baloch by releasing her interview video to intl audiences with melancholy music, deep emotions & english subtitles.

On a personal level it’s natural for anyone to empathize with her, but the reality is vicious & ugly.

Mama Qadeer’s ‘missing persons campaign’ doesn’t want you to know the reality behind the facade.

Mama Qadeer shows Abdul Gaffar Langove as a non-violent rights activist.

But something Mahrang & Mama Qadeer wouldn’t tell you in a riveting, tearful video is that Abdul Gaffar Langove was not only an active member of banned BSO-Azad terror org, but he was also a notorious commander of #BLA, the internationally designated terrorist organization.

Mahrang Baloch will never mention the propaganda images & videos released by various #BLA cadres eulogizing terrorist Abdul Gaffar Langove commander BLA who led terrorists in mountains.

She’d never tell you that he was killed in an intra gang warfare between BLA factions.

I can assure you Mahrang knows the truth.

Why do I say it? Because Mama Qadeer knows the truth & he just uses her sob story to sell his racket as a “human rights campaign.”

Note, Langove is always displayed as victim of “enforced disappearance” at Mama Qadeer’s protests.

Let me share a leaked clip of Mama Qadeer admitting the reality behind Abdul Gaffar Langove’s killing.

But in the same clip Mama Qadeer mentions 3 other terrorists:

1-Ali Sher Kurd: Close aide of Nawab Marri, #BLA commander.
BSO-Azad claimed he was “enforced disappeared.”

The third one is Amir Baksh Sagar, he was also a marxist idealogue student leader and a notorious BLA commander.

Notice, how the #BLA propaganda machine claims that he killed in a “road accident” while on a mission, when infact BLA terrorists killed him themselves.

The second is Hameed Shaheen Baloch, another student leader of banned BSO-Azad terrorist organization and a commander of #BLA the internationally designated terrorist organization.

Mama Qadeer & friend M. Ali Talpur claim he was also a victim of “enforced disappearance.”

Listen to Mama Qadeer’s leaked video rec explaining how all 4 of the above men, were killed in an intra gang warfare b/w Harbiyar’s #BLA, Mehran’s UBA & Javed’s LEB.

Here he’s reading a confession of Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, that he had left with Mama Qadeer before death.

It proves that Mama Qadeer’s fraud campaign blaming LEAs, FC or Army for enforced disappearances & killings is just a tactic to malign Pakistan.

Now we come to another question:

Who is Mahrang Baloch?

She is an MBBS student at BMC, where Allah Nazar founded BSO-Azad.

Thanks to Mama Qadeer’s promotions she is now a student leader.

She attends Mama Qadeer’s fraud “missing persons protests” & organizes student protests at BMC.

How does she do it?

Because she’s undercover Vice Chairperson of terror org BSO-Azad, code name Muwarid Baloch.

This tactic of placing females as leaders of BSO-Azad is a direct result of Mama Qadeer’s success in using Farzara Majeed in his ‘missing persons march to Islamabad.

Ideological basis was provided by founder of BSO-Azad Dr Allah Nazar!to use soft power of terrorist groups.

Hence, Kareema Baloch aka Karima Marri became Chairperson of BSO-Azad.

She successfully served as head of the banned terror organization BSO-Azad, but didn’t get charged or prosecuted because she was a girl.

She publicly made anti-state speeches, nothing happened to her.

She successfully served as the face of many protests & rallies of Mama Qadeer’s fraud ‘missing persons campaign.’

She became the driving force behind getting more female Baloch students joining the banned BSO-Azad & use their soft power for benefit of #BLA #BLF terrorists.

Then Mama Qadeer groomed her to travel with him to the Geneva Switzerland.

Where they used their contacts with Indian RAW sponsored network in Switzerland to maximize their propaganda against Pakistan.

She maligned Pakistani at UN’s 39th session of Human Rights council.

She used her & Mama Qadeer’s links with Indian funded anti Pakistan networks sponsored by Indian RAW such as the ‘World Sindhi Congress’ in Switzerland.

She attended conferences organized by them, made speeches at Anti Pakistan forums & was widely covered by Indian media.

Just as Farzana Majeed, she used her ‘activism’ as part of Mama Qadeer’s fraud ‘missing persons campaign’ & leadership of banned BSO-Azad to claim asylum in Canada.

There she continues with her anti-Pakistani activities in close coordination with her Indian RAW handlers.

If you still think she is not directly linked to Indian intelligence network, then here is Karima Baloch for you in her own words, speaking to the Indian media and wishing her beloved Narendra Modi ji to help her in the “war against Pakistan:”

Now we come to latest emotional blackmailer Haseeba Qambrani, now listen to her campaign for:
Zakir Majeed the Senior Vice -Chairman of terror group BSO-Azad
-Farzana Majeed the paid operative for #BLA
-Mahrang the undercover Vice Chairperson of thr terror group BSO-Azad.

But she won’t tell you that she is the sister of Salam Qambrani & cousin of Gazzain Qambrani.

Both of them member of banned terror organizations:

-Salman Qambrani was working for Brahamdagh Bugti’s BRA & he was a active Unit Commander of banned BRP-Azad (BRA’s sistr org).

-Gazzain Qambrani was an active member of BSO-Azad.

He was not only a member, but the President of the banned terror group BSO-Azad Islamabad Zone, that works as a recruiting arm of #BLA, UBA & BLF for students in Islamabad educational institutions such as QAU.

Both Salman Qambrani brother of Haseeba Qambrani & her cousin Gazzain Qambrani were found dead together.

Both were terrorists and It is highly plausible that both of them fell victim to the intra gang warfare between Harbiyar led #BLA, Mehran led UBA & Allah Nazar led BLF.

If you still don’t believe they kill each other, then let me present you with a leaked audio recording of terrorist BLF head Allah Nazar, asking his BLF commander to steal weapong from the BLA training camp, and threatening him if he’s thinking of leaving BLF to join #BLA.

The propaganda campaign for this #BLA BRA BLF UBA LEB terror network India is funding & run by Indian paid bots in Europe.

Last year "EU DisinfoLab" uncoverd a network of Indian obscure NGOs & think tanks doing propaganda for Balochistan & PTM.

This entire Indian sponsored terror network was finally exposed by son of #BLA founder Hazar Khan Marri & founder of BLF Dr Jumma Khan Marri himself who lives in Moscow Russia.

He finally recognized that this terrorism is not helping & only hurting people of Balochistan.

Dr Jumma Khan Marri has exposed Indian RAW sponsorship of terrorist groups #BLA led by Harbiyar, BRA led by Brahamdagh Bugti, LEB led by Javed Mengal, UBA led by Mehran Marri, BLF led by Allah Nazar & others creating unrest in Balochistan.

Dr Jumma Khan Marri continues to expose Indian RAW & Afghan NDS sponsorship of #BLA & other terrorist groups operating out of Afghanistan with Indian funding to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

He is the most authentic voice to expose Indian terrorism in Pakistan.

Another female face of protests at Mama Qadeer’s fraud “missing persons campaign” is Sammi Baloch & her sister Mehlab Baloch. They protest for their father Deen Mohammad Baloch.

Let’s see who is Deen Mohammad?

Is he an innocent doctor with no links to terrorism?


Both his daughters Sammi Baloch &
Mehlab baloch are frequently seen at Mama Qadeer’s fraud “missing persons” camp.

They make emotional videos, crying & wailing at the loss of their father but they will not tell the reality behind their father’s activities.

Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch is also a medical graduate from BMC, the hotbed of banned terrorist BSO-Azad.

He was also not only was an active leader of banned terrorist group BSO-Azad but he was also a member of BNM that calls for violent terrorism against the state.

BNM is the same group that was founded by the vitriolic student leader Ghulam Mohammad Baloch who also belonged to the banned terror group BSO-Azad .

It was Dr Ghulam Mohammad who declared war against the state.

Dr Deen Mohammad was also a close associate of the vicious terrorists leader Dr Allah Nazar & can be seen here with him in Iran/Afghanistan.

Deen Mohammad Baloch was an active terrorist, engaged in the recruiting, planning & execution of terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Not only Deen Mohammad but his daughter Mahleb Baloch, frequently seen at Mama Qadeer’s fraud ‘missing persons protests,’ can be seen here visiting the terror Don BLF’s Dr Allah Nazar in his mountain hideout, as a child.

Now she is a student leader of the banned BSO-Azad.

Another female voice that has been running social media campaigns for her “missing” brother Rashid Hussain is Fareeda Baloch.

Who is this Rashid Hussain?

Is he an innocent peace loving civilian with no links to any terrorist groups?


Here Fareeda Baloch can be seen holding a press conference at Mama Qadeer’s fraud ‘missing persons camp’ for her “missing” brother Rashid Hussain.

Mama Qadeer has also been promoting her campaign online.

Let me tell you about Rashid Hussain aka Rashid Brohi aka Rashid Baloch.

He was a member of the banned terrorist recruiting organization BSO-Azad, a member of BNM & social media operative for Indian sponsored terror groups #BLA BRA BLF UBA & LEB.

He was arrested in #UAE.

Rashid Hussain is the key suspect of #BLA terrorist attack at Chinese consulate in Karachi.

He was traced arriving in Karachi before attack, his bank acct was used to organize it, he was actually present near the consulate during attack & he escaped to Sharjah right after.

Right after the attack he was arrested by UAE’s law enforcement agencies & #BLA’s terrorist network has been campaigning for his release ever since, posing him as an innocent refugee.

Ever Karima Baloch organied protest for Rashid Hussain’s release in Geneva Switzerland.

Here’s various news reports describing how Rashid’s name was revealed during investigation of #BLA claimed terrorist attack at Chinese consulate in Karachi.

Arrested suspects from Karachi revealed how Rashid helped organize the attack, following which he was traced.

No one has exposed RAW’s terrorism more than BLF founder
Jumma Khan Marri
son of BLA founder Mir Hazar Khan Marri &
Designer of Greater Balochistan Flag.

He’s condemned :
Harbiyar Marri’s #BLA
Brahamdagh Bugti’s BRA
Mehran Marri’s UBA
Allah Nazar’s BLF
Javed Mengal’s LEB

Let’s look at another missing person Dilawar Baloch son of Shah Meer claimed by Mama Qadeer’s fraud “missing persons campaign” as an innocent “volleyball player” with no links to terrorist groups.

BLF however claimed him as a BLF terrorist & offered him a “Red Salute.”

Let’s listen to Haseeba Qambrani again:
“She says that typical Baloch households have few men, the women of the family sacrifice their living standards to send these men to study, but some of them are pushed into drugs while others are locked up in jails (for subversion)”

Complaint seems valid but Qs is, who pushed these baloch students to drugs & subversive activities?

Drugs at campuses is a social issue, but leftist academics with myopic glorification of marxist militancy are largely responsible for pushing baloch students to violence.

One of these youngsters is Shah Daad Mumtaz. Leftists eulogized him as a victim of state oppression.

But he got privilege of attending Attashad Degree College, he had opportunity to pursue adv studies at QAU, state even awarded him a scholarship to receive an MPhil degree.

But what happened to him at these colleges?

He even received an Master’s degree from QAU Islamabad but the toxic leftist, marxist culture at campus, instead of polishing him with values of civic duty, public service & respect for the state, pushed him towards terrorism.

Many of his classmates & teachers were shocked to learn that he was killed in an armed engagement in hills b/w Kalat & Kharan, with his friend Ehsan while acting on behalf of an internationally designated terrorist org #BLA.

Let’s take a look at Shahdaad Baloch aka Dara.

What leftists don’t speak on is that Shahdad Mumtaz was a dedicated marxist whose lifelong idol was Che Guvera.

While studying at Attashad Degree College in Turbat, his Marxist ideals led him to join BSO-Azad in 2014.

Remember, BSO-Azad was banned as a terror org in 2013.

Hence, he fell under radar of LEAs, by 2015 he joined elite Kech Grammar School in Turbat as a teacher & worked for HRCP as “human rights activist” then disappeared.

If you’re confused, how he was working for a human rights org while being member of a banned org BSO-Azad..

Then let me tell you it’s a clever tactic of BLA’s terror network. Many of their undercover activists show themselves as “human rights” activist or journalists.

It helps them play victim, rescue caught terrorists & conveniently spread terrorist propaganda as journalists.

If you don’t believe me, let me share the obvious case of Ahmar Masti Khan.

Not only is he a “human rights activist” founder ‘American Friends Of Balochistan,’ but he describes himself as a “senior journalist.”

Here he’s seeking “Mother India’s” help “the whole 9 yards:”

Here is the same “human rights” activist Ahmar Masti Khan campaigning against Pakistan with Mehran Marri the former #BLA leader & current head of the UBA terrorist organization.

He can also be seen with the head of Human Rights Commission Pakistan Madam Asma Jahangir.

Here is the same “human rights” activist after having spent years if supporting terrorism in Pakistan in the name of baloch rights & after having worked for the Indian intelligence agency RAW:

Coming back to Shah Daad.

In 2015, though BSO-Azad’s mouthpieces in media, his co-workers at HRCP & his friends claimed that Shahdad was “enforced disappeared” by SFs, he returned home in a few weeks.

It’s plausible, he’d escaped to a BLA camp in a process of orientation.

Why do I say it?

Because :
1-He was member of BSO-Azad, a recruiting org for #BLA, they make rookies spend time as orientation 1st

2-He came from a troubled home, his father had died & he had family issues.

3-He enjoyed a reputation of being unreliable among his friends.

He went to Islamabad to begin higher studies at QaideAzam University, he got into trouble there as well.

Instead of taking advantage of a lifetime opportunity to succeed in life, he joined leftist/marxist student groups & got involved in campus fights & organizing strikes.

There’s also issue of peer pressure, with students at campuses with toxic environment of marxist activism & anarchist political beliefs

His terror accomplice Ehsan Baloch was such an individual, he too was member of Baloch Student Council at QAU & joined #BLA with Shahdad.

After graduating from QAU, Shahdad got admitted to NIPS as an Mphil scholar at QAU.

He’s seen ‘lecturing’ at Baloch Students Action Committee event on “Cultural Hegemony” at KU.

After ban on BSO-Azad for terror recruitment, BSAC is now being organized to take it’s place.

But imp to note:

BLA’s media wing Hakkal claimed him as a “veteran” terrorist, not as a rookie
& with his QAU mate Ehsan, he was undercover for at least one year before getting killled in May 2020.

It means while he’s with BSAC at KU in Jan 2020 he was already with #BLA.

Now just imagine, an active terrorist working for a globally designated terrorist organization #BLA was actually “indoctrinating” students at Karachi University!

It proves our educational institutions have been infiltrated by terror orgs recruiting students for terrorism.

Institutions of higher education can’t be places that reinforce values of resistance to state.

An environment reinforcing values of civic duty & public service could prevent troubled students from the trap of leftist radicalization, that’s what made Shah Daad a terrorist.

Another myth associated with Shahdaad’s killing is that “army killed him.”

He wasn’t killed in a SFs Op.

He was killed by Mengal tribe.

BLA terrorists are notorious for intimidating tribals into providing shelter/supplies, when tribals resist they call them death squads.

If you still believe leftist propaganda that SFs abducted & killed Shahdad in an fake encounter, watch this clip.

It’s BLA propaganda video.

It proves his BLA gang faced resistance from baloch tribesmen & after loosing Shahdad & Ehsan fled to the hills before SF arrived.

There’re innumerable instances where terrorist gangs intimidate Baloch tribesmen in far flung areas, when they face resistance they attack their families in the most cold hearted manner.

Baloch tribals are sick of their terrorism, in the name of so called “Baloch rights.”

Secondly, at a time when under a comprehensive state policy initiative, these terrorists are being encouraged & even paid to lay down arms, it’s doesn’t make any sense to blame the state for abductions & killings or for pushing baloch youngsters towards militancy:

Ever since this policy was adopted more than a thousand baloch men have abandoned this evil Indian sponsored campaign to destabilize Pakistan.

Not only have they surrendered arms & joined the mainstream, but they’ve been instrumental in providing intel on remaining gangs.

Today terrorism in Balochistan has become a business enterprise, run by greedy overseas godfathers.

They receive huge budgets from India, for terror camps in Afghanistan & Iran to harm the prosperity of Pakistan by sabotaging progress & development in Balochistan via CPEC.

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