✨Rookie’s Bible (Idol’s Bible) : Park Jimin ✨

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, Learning, Studying, Sacrifice
and MOST of all, love for what you are doing” -pele
Jimin is a perfectionist. Someone who never settles for less and keep pushing himself to deliver the best. Years of hard-work and his own talents and skills are the reason he is well respected in the industry today and Rookies looks up to him.
The title “Rookie’s bible” was given to him by fans after seeing how many Idols looks up to him as a role model and got quickly adopted by K media as well.
Jimin’s LIE performance, The dark and haunting stage, Jimin’s charismatic stage presence, smooth yet very hard and precise movements mixed with his golden vocals captivated many hearts and inspired many dancers and singers over the years.

Jimin’s Serendipity is a living breathing dream. Jimin’s soothing, soft honey like vocals mixed with very elegant choreography took away breath of many.

Jimin’s Lie and serendipity stages gave him an opportunity to truly shine. Over the years many idols and non korean celebrities covered his solo songs or show their adorable in one way or another.

Let’s take a look!
▪️ Group: YG's upcoming new boy group TREASURE

▪️ Artist: Junghwan and Hyunsuk

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Group: EBOYZ

▪️ Artist: Choi in i

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Group: NEWKIDD

▪️Artist: Woochul

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: NEWKIDD
▪️Artist: Woochul

He said #JIMIN is his role model. He also covered Jimin’s Serendipity.
▪️ Group: Astro

▪️Artist: Rocky

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Group: 1Team

▪️Artist: Je Hyun

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Group: Verivery

▪️Artist: Dongheon

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: Verivery

▪️Artist: Ho Young

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Group: TXT

▪️Artist: Yeonjun

▪️ Cover: Serendipity
▪️Group: Victon

▪️Artist: Seungwoo

▪️Group: Seven o’clock


▪️Cover: Lie
▪️YG Treasure box

▪️So Jang Hwan vs Choi Hyun Suk

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: UNB

▪️Ji Hansol

▪️Group: Day6

▪️Artist: Jae

▪️Cover: serendipity (singing)
▪️Group: JxR

▪️Artist: YURI

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️ Group: Romeo

▪️Artist: Milo, performed Lie when he auditioned to JTBC MixNine dancing to Lie
▪️ Milo also performed"Lie" at Romeo Finale live in Tokyo Japan debut promotion
▪️Group: Target


Trans: I like Jimin Seonbae very much
Birthday cake I prepared
my favorite song, Lie..
It's still not enough
I'll work hard

This was really cute! 💕

▪️Group: Rainz

▪️Artist: Hyunmin

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Produce X 101

▪️Artist: Gwon Huijun

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: 1THE9

▪️Artist: Jeon Doyum

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: A.C.E

▪️Artist: Kim Byeongkwan

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: A.C.E

▪️Artist: Kim Byeongkwan

▪️Cover: Lie. (Idol radio)
▪️Group: D1verse

▪️Artist: Cuong Bach

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: OnlyOneOf

▪️Artist: Yoojung

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: B.O.Y

▪️Artist: Kim Kookheon

▪️Cover: Lie
▪️Group: Seven O'Clock

▪️Artist: Hyun

▪️Cover: Serendipity

He posted his cover on of Instagram
“ I was listening to DNA from BTS sunbaenim and heard this track was from Jimin sunbaenim. I’ve listened and fell in love and practicing. Jimin sunbaenim’s voice is really sexy."
▪️Artist: Keiynan Lonsdale (Australian Actor)

▪️Cover: Serendipity

“I couldn't understand the words, but I could understand the feeling"

▪️Artist: Kristian Kostov (Bulgarian-Russian singer)

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Group: Victon and X1

▪️Artist: Sejun and Seungwoo

▪️They reacted/listened to Serendipity during Vlive. Sejun has expressed his love for his Jimin sunbaenim many times
▪️Group: Victon

▪️Artist: Sejun

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Artist: Iñigo Pascual (Filipino celebrity)

▪️Cover: Serendipity ( dance practice)

link: https://twitter.com/InigoDPascual/ 
▪️Artists: Iñigo Pascual ,Nick Parker, Jameson Blake Ft. Jane De Leon

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Artists: Darren Espanto and Inigo Pascual (Filipino celebrities)

Cover: Serendipity
▪️Artists: Maymay Entrata & Edward Barber (Filipino celebrities)

▪️Cover: Serendipity
▪️Artists: Nam Chang Hee (actor/comedian)

▪️cover: Serendipity
“It was at KBS Song Festival that I saw Jimin's solo performance. He was so sexy and cool. I became a fan of his."
▪️Group: ROMEO

▪️Artist: Yunsung

▪️Cover: Serendipity

▪️Group: Seven O’clock

▪️Artist: Kim Taeyoung

▪️Cover: Serendipity

link to dance cover: https://twitter.com/7OC_official/s … link to his tweet: https://twitter.com/7OC_official/s 
▪️Group: ROMEO

▪️Artist: Seunghwan

▪️Cover: Serendipity

▪️Group: UNB & NEWKIDD

▪️Artist:Ji Hansol

▪️Cover: Serendipity dance cover

links part 1: http://instagram.com/p/B1OvhO8ly3r/  part 2: http://instagram.com/p/B1Ovte9l9Ez/ 
▪️Group: New Kidd

▪️Artist: Woochul

▪️Cover: Serendipity

▪️ Artist: Hyungseob, Ex-PRODUCE101

“Once I want to look cool, I look at Jimin sunbaenim's performance video and do push ups 200 times.."
▪️ Ahn Hyungseob also has Jimin as his phone wallpaper

he also asked for a "freaking dope pictures of Jimin hyung" so he can set it as his lockscreen 😄
▪️Artist: Younghoon
▪️Group: Seven O'clock

"I really like BTS Jimin sunbaenim.. It's really hard not to like Jimin sunbaenim.."
vid: https://twitter.com/bangtanitl/sta 
▪️Artist: LIm Sejun,
▪️Group: Victon

"During my training, I kept watching videos of him & I really wanted to be like him.. He's a senior whom I really respect"

▪️wrote Jimin as one of his role models

▪️wrote "BTS Jimin sunbaenim ❤" as the singer he likes
▪️Artist: Byungchan
▪️Group: Victon

"The idol singers who are good at ballet are BTS Jimin and Vixx N" (King of Masked Singer ep101)
▪️Artist: N
▪️Group: VIXX

"I've also noticed Jimin from Bangtan.. He's very good at dancing."
▪️Artist: Shinwon
▪️Group: Pentagon

They were arranging idols according to their ages and one of them was Jimin. Shinwon knew Jimin's age because he's a fan.
▪️Artist: Boun
▪️Group: Target

"When Jimin sunbaenim is dancing, he's very cool. He sings really well. Jimin sunbaenim is really the best."
▪️ISAC 2016

"which male idol do they want waiting for them at the finish line?"

35% of the female idols voted for our Jimin.
▪️Group: The Ark
▪️Artist: kim yu na (stage name: Euna)

In her instagram post she said she is Jimin’s fan
▪️Artist: Wooshin
▪️Group: UP10TION'

He is fan of Jimin, he was shocked when a fan gave him a signature of Jimin sunbaenim.
▪️Artist: Jinhoo
▪️Group: UP10TION'

Jinhoo was asked to rank his fave members in BTS. He placed Jimin sunbaenim as first!
▪️Artist: Kang Daniell (KD)
▪️Group: Wanna One.

OP asked Daniel which group he likes and Daniel choosed all. Then Daniel said he like jimin (BTS) the most.
▪️Artist: Sejun
▪️Group: Victon

"Today I really don't know what to say. I finally met Bangtan sunbaenims. Waa~ and I greeted Jimin sunbaenim. I understand your hearts/feelings now (when their fans meet them). He can take everything. I'll do anything (for him)
When he met Jimin!!! Victon’s Sejun

"Waah~ it's fine even if I die now. Finally! A photo with Jimin sunbaenim...! Everyone, Sejun has succeeded!"
▪️Artist: hwall
▪️Group: The boyz

The post says that hwall was inspired by jimin that's why he went to the same dance school jimin went to (just dance academy in busan)
▪️Artist: kim ki jung
▪️Group: The Unit

he named jimin as his role model
▪️Artist: Minjae

mentioned #JIMIN   as his role model

“I really want to be like him on the stage. He’s good at singing but good at dancing also. He dances to the style I like. Jimin sunbaenim has unique pose on the stage. I want to be like him in many ways.”
▪️Group: LUCENTE
▪️Artist: Parkha

“Which musician do you want to collaborate with?", Parkha answered, “I want to collaborate with Big Bang Gdragon and BTS Jimin sunbaenim.”
▪️余明君Yu Mingjun a Chinese idol
▪️Group: MR-X

He is a #JIMIN   fanboy since 2015.
He donated to @JIMINBAR_CHINA for Jimin Birthday Project today.
He also liked the post abt Jimin’s Bday project
He participated the Chinese version of Produce 101 last year.
He said his favorite idol is #JIMIN from BTS, and he had been spotted holding Jimin’s cushion in one of the episodes of Produce 101.
▪️Artist: D-Crunch and Hyun-oh

They mentioned BTS & #JIMIN  

We would like to be on stage w/BTS Sunbaenim It would be an honor. Hyun-oh expressed his love for Jimin, “Especially I love Jimin sunbaenim & his dance line I want to be on stage where I can show my dancing w/ him”
▪️余明君 Yuminjun went to a jimin cafe support and wrote this letter to jimin omfg

"i am a fan of yours, today is ge's birthday, so i came to your fan gathering. don't get injured, dont be sad, the 7 of you will always walk together! when we are together, desserts turns to sea!”
He also wished Jimin happy birthday on his IG. https://twitter.com/canyangmin/status/1183320545548365825?s=21
▪️Artist: Sasaki Rikako (Japanese idol)
▪️Group: ANGERME

named #JIMIN as a dance inspiration in an interview for new variety show Haro Puro Dance Academy!
▪️Artist: Beomgyu
▪️Group: TXT

In a Vlive broadcast Beomgyu said #JIMIN is his inspiration & has enormous influence on his Dancing.. He said how Jimin gave his everything on stage. Knetz reacted on Beomgyu's admiration for Jimin.
▪️Artist: Na Haeun,

she is child performer who appeared on SBS Kpop Star.

She named BTS as her favorite male group artist and chose Jimin as het favourite member.
▪️ Artist: Wooyoung


He mentioned Jimin as his favorite artist
▪️Group: IN2IT

▪️Artist: Yoo Jiahn

▪️Cover: Serendipity
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