thread of my dream notes so they’re all in order & in one place from now on! 💫 I’ll include interpretations of symbols as necessary! 💕💫🔮
dream notes:

• monsta x in a western magazine
im just going to plug some older dream notes into this thread so I can keep track of them:
this was the night before KH's natural video!
okay! those are all my old dream notes, only new ones from now on!
dream notes:

• the rock gates of gates of heaven/hell kept breaking
• feeling: I’ve been here before
• religious imagery
• waking words: “look how confident you are now...”
dream notes:

• “not that cover, THAT cover.” (another KH song? or WH?)
dream notes:

“Tell me something good.”
dream notes (not mx related):

• I was watching a recording of an old interview of Malcolm X’s (?) wife, she was talking about having to perform surgery on a member of the (triple k) until her hands hurt. I cried and cried, wailing in pain for her. The dream physically hurt me.
dream notes:

“what an embarrassment for them... that was so unnecessary...”

• changkyun is pissed about something
dream notes:

• beautiful life playing in my head
• jooheon & minhyuk talking to us and reflecting on the last 5 years, jooheon, “I want you to listen to the real minhyuk,” and goes to play a song (but then I wake up)
dream notes:

• staging a scene (implication: setting something up; keeping up appearances)
dream notes:

• the imagery of “staging” something shows me that there is an effort to “make things look” a certain way; people are making an effort to keep people in the dark over how things really are. This dream didn’t show me the boys, but I have a feeling it’s for them.
dream notes:

red. red! red wallet, red pouch, R E D
dream notes:

• there’s been an argument with the staff/managers and the boys took Minhyuk’s side (obviously) - May have been work related, might have been about something personal; unclear. Both ideas were present.
dream notes:

• dreamed of my fiancée’s friend, when I woke up I told her to call her bc she misses her

• saw a bunch of handwritten notes from jonghyun, marvelled at how deliberate and cute his English handwriting is
dream notes:

• hyungwon !!!!
• changkyun, “I have never lied.” (he has always told us the truth; he doesn’t hide his true feelings from us. why did he feel like he had to remind me? what’s coming?)
dream notes:

• disbandment rumours (I don’t know for who)
dream notes:

this one was CINEMATIC so bear with me— this one had elements I’m wondering whether I did know the child in a past life; she kept thanking me for finding her and pointing to her red hair and the red tones in mine.
Dream notes continued (analysis)
• burning house; family upset, dissatisfaction
• empty houses; missed opportunity, something failing to be realized
• red haired child; luck, longevity, happiness

so in order to achieve success, I have to pass through family trauma? GREAT 😩
the little girl pointing to her red hair and the redness in mine was probably reminding me that I was born with luck, too. My mother (though she always said this when she was being rude to me) always told me I “was born with a horeshoe up my ass,” because things work out for me.
dream notes:

• writing to WH on fc, begging him to find better management because they aren’t handling his debut properly
dream notes:

again, bear with me it’s LONG—
dream notes:

• I just dreamed an ENTIRE jordan peele film holy suit what is up with my cinematic dreams lately?!?
dream notes:

- coming home through a back garden; raining gently
- Wonho is waiting for me
- “I’m home,” I say warmly
- We hug tightly. “I’ve been waiting,” he smiles and kisses my forehead
dream notes:
- a small, fluffy white dog at a garden party
- holding the dog, calming it in my arms
- family, warmth

• peace is coming; loyalty, love, protection, good fortune

• there will be a period of calm coming, for now.
dream notes:

• wearing a bracelet with seven (!) key charms on it
• washed my hands with white flowers

- keys: hecate (who i work with), information coming to light, independence, freedom

- washing hands: overcoming problems

- white flowers: purity, absence of negativity
dream notes:

• hung out with @ANG4LMINHYUK in a very soft pink frilly floral perfumes space for a bit
• another dream, running about an old school trying to protect people from something
• upon waking, right foot felt like it was being held by something 👀👀👀
dream notes:

• seven dogs; the white one (wonho) was brought to me by birds and settled in my arms (previous posts).

• dogs: Hecate (who I work with)
• white dog: wonho, friendship, loyalty, happiness coming soon
• birds presenting something: achieving a goal, positivity
dream notes:

• FULL of wonho! wonho posting selcas, wonho insta live, wonho solo debut news
• the number 6 and 9 seem key
dream notes:

• “put some fresh sage in your pocket.”
• pregnant cousin
• bitter/angry sister

*the sage was not for cleansing, that is a closed practice to me and I would never use white sage for that.
dream notes:

• spooning me in bed, white everywhere
• “I know who you are,” he said. “Thank you for your presents.”
• happy, smooth, calm, warm, smiling. Such a good cuddler. 🥺❤️
dream notes:


Jonghyun showed me a tiny little notebook that was stamped “reasons to stay” on the leather cover. In it were his sketches, some words I could not read. The last page said “my shawols” in English.

Thank you for showing me your reasons, baby.
(not from a dream but I wanted to put it in my thread)

Changkyun’s voice, so clearly, in my head. “Give him back.”
wow. I must be really tuned in to the boy’s radio frequency tonight.

WH: “I want to cuddle with wenee...”
dream notes:

• WH posting a self-filmed voice teaser for one of his songs?
dream notes:

• WH kept trying to give me a blue tourmaline crystal, “take it, take it it’s okay!” so I took it from him

• blue tourmaline: aides aspects of clairvoyance & helps open spiritual connections - does he want to spend more time with me? 🥺🥰
dream notes:

• I’ve had this dream before but it’s too complex to explain, so... symbols:

• Abrahamic religion: truth, perfection
• bulls: Apollo, stubbornness
• gold: healing, wealth coming
• inheritance: choices to be made

I have a lot to think about, it seems.
dream notes:

• whenever I am visited by either jjongie or hide, I always do the same thing: I take their faces in my hands and kiss their forehead and cheeks and they do the same to me.

This is how we say hello, I’m here, thank you for coming back; I’ve missed you; I love you.
dream notes:

• a message of advice came though — “listen to yourself. protect your energy. are you good?”
dream notes:

WH: because of you, I’m not scared any more
dream notes:

• hanging out with WH, talking about his redebut. He was happy and excited. His hair was pink again 🥰
dream notes:

• married to Kai (?) and holding a baby girl, walking with him through a large mall and talking together about needing groceries

(trust me, idk either...)
dream notes:

• September 7th?!
dream notes:

• walking in the street, jjongie’s aurora starts playing from one of the shops and I start dancing and running towards him, he’s in the distance - we hug and spin together, a reunion. he’s happy. we hug and kiss for a while, and he takes me to a theatre.
dream notes:

• with WH, felt like the night before something really important (debut?)
• he was sitting so confidently; I gave him a bundle of dried herbs for luck, protection
• “are you getting excited?” I asked
• “it’s all okay now,” he replied ❤️
dream notes:
(it was too rich so I’ll just leave symbols here)

• cleaning a quilt: working towards a successful outcome
• dried beetles: hard work, protection
• nostalgia
dream notes continued:

• the fact that a bundle of dried herbs/flowers was present in more than one dream I had last night... I wish I could recall what was in them. I know I was using them as an offering, a gift for someone.
(not) dream notes:

I desperately need to get a better handle on astral projecting on autopilot/being thrown into visions because as soon as I lay my head down to sleep again I was shown how WH left and how Minnie tried to stop him and the shouting and I just. fuck. fuck, man.
dream notes:

• “do you think about me sometimes? Cause I think about you all the time.”

• kihyun posts a clip of a song cover
dream notes:

• OT7 hint in a group photo
dream notes:

• this one was quite self-indulgent, I was visiting Jinki at SM to pick him up, he was so gentle and cuddly, he wouldn’t leave my side. I kept telling him how much I loved him and he smiled so wide, his hands were so warm. He said he loved me, too.
(not a dream note, but still)

feeling really warm, happy WH energy. We might get something soon 🥰
dream notes:
(too long, symbols only)

• WH as protector
• water
• urgency
• pride, love

WH is bold and brave in his new path, and will need all our love behind him to succeed well. ❤️
dream notes:

• “do you want to see this?”
• 10:27 (this could be a time, this could be October 27th. Unclear right now)
dream notes:

• changkyun came to visit me again! He hardly ever comes on his own!
• “it’s all okay,” he said. “No matter what, it’s all okay.”
dream (nap) notes:

• WH’s working in the studio (I couldn’t see his hair! Sneaky boy was wearing his beanie)
• “are you excited?” I asked. He smiled and winked, put a finger to his mouth in a “shh!” gesture 🥰
dream notes:

• like flipping through candid photos and press shots from the concert but life-size, like being in a room with the members but they were frozen. very weird (WH was not with them and in the dream I /felt/ the absence)
(not quite) dream notes:

• last night, I was flooded with thoughts of my uncle Ricky, who’s photo I have framed on a makeshift altar. He was on my mind so loudly. Then the WH news dropped, and I knew he was with me to keep me awake so I wouldn’t miss it ♥️
dream notes:

• standing at a wall of different candles in a shop
• being drawn to the purple ones

- purple, generally: spirituality, dignity, creativity
- purple candle magic: astral travel, emotional balance, justice, Hekate (hi mom)

dream notes:

• 520 (days?)

what is 520 days from october 31st, 2019?
dream notes:

• changkyun came to me as a cat (!) in my dream and wouldn’t let go of me, very very clingy
• jooheon is upset (?) about something (not WH related)
dream notes:

• me and @AhHeonieHoney walking along a quiet road talking about things
• WH will win awards for this debut but we must keep working
• consequences are coming for ketchup and mustard
dream notes:

• wonho literally/figuratively running towards his 6 brothers
dream notes:

• we were all talking about how we should change wonho’s nickname from “English King” to “English Monster” bc there is more than one English song on this new album

• MX + pink
dream notes:

• WH: “it’s not finished.”
• WH: “did you listen?”
dream notes (analysis in next tweet):

• I’ve had this dream before, a long time ago
• walking up a large, winding staircase, constantly going up and down as if retrieving something
• saving a child from drowning
• feelings of expectation (I already know what’s coming) +
• walking up AND down stairs, repeated: moving forward and back again on life goals, being interrupted in progress
• saving a drowning child: fear of losing someone precious

and the knowledge that “this has happened before,” indicates that these are not new feelings
dream notes:

• e*hy will slip and say something / tweet or RT something maybe he shouldn’t
dream notes:

• someone (CK?) about WH: “don’t touch him. but don’t hold back.”
dream notes:

• mother figure (Hekate) testing my divination and intuitive abilities
dream notes:

• a wish coming true/becoming reality “next term.”
• a term is 3-4 months - that puts us either between now and 3-4mo or November.
dream notes:

• official WH merch/toys soon!
(more) dream notes:

• in a theatre/rehearsal room
• Hekate reminding me of her names
• “a red toy car? Is that... hope?”

• red: spiritual awakening, pride, action
• cars: moving forward, making decisions
• presence of hope
dream notes:
• breaking hanging flower pots (3)
• replacing them on a tree

•dissatisfaction, turning to hopefulness and action
dream notes:

• WH, “what’s the answer?”
dream notes:

• the lyrics from Miyavi’s song NeoVizualism: “break down the sea wall of common sense.”
dream notes:

• spending time with wonho, I got to sit with him and ask him questions I’ve had for a while. First I asked, “do you promise to tell me the truth?” and he said yes and kissed my cheek. He wrapped an arm around me and let me ask my questions.

more following:
I asked, “there was a plan, wasn’t there?”
he replied, “there was. There still is.”
I asked, “do you watch us?”
He showed me our twitter conversations and smiled.

more following:
Minhyuk came by; he hugged Wonho, tearful. Not upset, but frustrated. He was upset that “the plan” had not worked, not yet. He sat with me, and I said I had questions for him, and he said he would answer them. “Will you tell me the truth?” I asked. He said yes.

more following:
I asked him “did you know about everything?”
He said “yes, since the beginning.”
I asked him “is there a plan?”
He said “of course we have a plan.”

We hugged for a while. He calmed down, and smiled a lot.

more following:
Jooheon came next. I told him how beautiful his singing was and asked if he saw my comment. He lit up and was so happy that I liked his video and told me the pikachu meme I posted made him smile. I poked his cheeks, he poked mine. I kissed them. He smiled.

more following:
I told Jooheon and Wonho that our personalities match, and people seem to think that I’m equally split between them; they laughed and hugged me, a jooheon-kat-wonho sandwich. It was so warm and real.
dream note summary:

even though things are moving in one direction, the boys seem very firmly rooted in their past as a group and seem to actively be working on a way back to each other. There is a lot of pain, but it’s not between them. It’s from not being allowed to be honest.
dream notes:
• in a forest, wandering
• watching others hunt deer (fawn? no horns) with wooden arrows
• two deer are shot
• one deer sheds his skin and his eyes glow red

deer hunting signifies mystery/interest around someone close.
dream notes:

• cinematic again, like a detailed suspense film
• I was leading a team of operatives to try and hunt down the first girl I ever loved bc she was a wanted felon
• I found her diary entries where she praised me and said I deserved to be happy

• I think this dream is less about her being who she was to me and more about the idea of wanting/chasing something I know to be unattainable
• whether they message is to either give up, or keep trying, I’m not sure yet
dream notes:

• shownu sang losing my religion with me, it sounds so pretty in his voice! It suits him so well.
dream notes:

• Hekate soothing an injury (?) on my neck
• gave me oils, “health” written on the bottle
• reminded me about the “books she gave me to read”
dream notes:

• summer evening, outside
• balcony (?) overlooking a beach/woodland
• WH: "I'm happiest now, right here."
dream notes:

• changkyun, “you’re not done, right?”
• minnie, “don’t stop. keep going.”
dream notes:

I heard this message as I woke up, I call these “spirit messages.”

“wonho worked for years to get where he is today and he gave it up in an INSTANT to protect the ones he loves. don’t doubt his heart for a second.”
dream notes:

• wonho taping for a music show
• saying hello to the staff in the audience area
• in the back, 3 men: shownu, jooheon, changkyun watching and cheering him on ♥️
dream notes (sorry they’re late!):

• wonho very present, but we didn’t interact much
• minnie’s energy very very strong, clingy, loving
dream notes:

• I was given a set of runes from @minsoracle, I don't remember which they were but they were a pretty, smooth beige stone set. Thank you! Should I learn how to read them?
• Wonho, faintly - his energy ws there but I couldn't see him (boo)
dream notes:

• making tea; Minhyuk dropped a purple sea glass (might have been amethyst) pendant in my hand, “this is for you.”
• kihyun joins us (rare, I hardly ever see him) and asks for a good morning kiss on his cheek; I give it.
• garden entrance; jinki, taemin.
dream notes (additional):

• in the dream it was warm and calm, there was a lot of love in the room. When I gave Minnie his tea, he smiled, and then gave me the amethyst. His hugs are warm and strong, safe. He smells like sugar.

more +
• Kihyun (who i rarely see unless something is about to happen the next day irl) was very smiley and bashful, and kept pointing to his cheek for me to kiss; so I did, and he sighed, “ahh!” in his way.

more +
• the kitchen was facing the garden, and the door to the garden was propped open. Jinki emerged, hands full. I moved to help him, but he shook his head; “don’t worry, I will handle this myself.”

more +
• taemin followed; hands full too. I moved to get the door for him to help him and he, too, said, “I can do it, it’s okay.” But I held the door open anyway.

more +
• snippets of a radio (?) interview: taemin promising that he won’t get hurt again.
dream notes:

• so much heaviness. there’s a lot of anger and angst right now. I couldn’t see him, but wonho’s presence in my dream was so strong. there is dissatisfaction here.
dream notes:

• wonho finally came to see me properly after so long! very clingy, always with a hand around my waist of holding my hand, so many hugs. He’s so warm.

overall a very protective/territorial feeling in the dream. Like there’s a fierceness fo keep safe.
dream notes:

• WH, “I don’t think you are ready for what’s coming”

• minnie was with me again, so cuddly and sweet! Laughing, so happy and warm. Lots of kisses.
dream notes:

• holding Wonho in my arms, stroking his cheek. Both of us wearing really soft hoodies, watching a mural (?) be painted. He was calm, relaxed and there was so much love. He held on to me tightly, and let me soothe him. He smelled like warm sugar.
dream notes:

• frustration - immovable. Something has upset the balance.
dream notes:

• this one feels hard to talk about. Like I was... channeling (?) Taemin? I could feel things about his career, I could feel things about jjongie. This one was really hard. I have to process this one for a while.
dream notes:

• with miyavi on a winter day, talking about what he would do if he wasn’t an artist. A lot of honest conversation, like we were old friends. Sitting at a picnic table in the snow, looking at the frosted and frozen leaves as we chatted.
dream notes:

• wonho on American tv
dream notes:

• jooheon minhyuk couple hair?
• “that’s one of mine.”
dream notes:

@minsoracle: “I have a meeting in the astral.” also you asked me to paint a set of press-on nails for you and send them to you
dream notes:

• “fixing” minnie’s chakra necklace: the green and purple (heart, third eye) had come off and he asked me to mend it for him.

• heart chakra: acceptance, love, sincerity
• third eye chakra: intuition, trust
dream notes:

• setting a table; six places, but I knew there would be seven people. Kept insisting, “it’s not done yet!” until I was given the place settings for the seventh person
• shownu, sitting in a chair nearby; “you worry too much,” he said ++++
“you can rest soon,” he said. He was smiling. Then he kissed me softly. “What was that for?” I asked. “For being a good monbebe,” he explained. “For waiting for him.”
(this one isn’t a dream note, it’s a spirit message)

• hide, last night: “keep going. get him back.”

• hide, today: “give him back. give him back.”
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