It’s a humble appeal to SAPM Gen Asim Bajwa & Sen Shibli Faraz min for info to create a section at min of info to counter foreign sponsored anti-state propaganda of:

#BalochMissingPersons especially in light of today’s



This propaganda has gained strength recently, with India/Afghanistan/Europe based bots & fake accts running trends in Pakistan to dominate our social media

So much so that, our mainstream media persons have begun to amplify their message, which must be countered with facts.

Who is Mama Qadeer, Haseeba Qambrani, Mahrang Baloch, Farzana Majeed & what are their links to #BLA?

Impression given is that, they’re innocent civilians with no links to terrorism, just seeking justice in the name of “human rights”

Let’s look at facts behind the facade:

Before we go into who these victims are, we need to look at the man behind them, because this effort is not organic but an organized campaign, led by a shady character called Mama Qadeer Baloch.

He heads an organization called VBMP-Voice of Balochistan’s Missing Persons.

His real name is Abdul Qadeer Reki, he calls himself a ‘human rights activist’.

He led a ‘baloch missing persons march’ from Quetta to Islamabad & holds ‘missing persons’ camps in Quetta.

He’s the organizer of this campaign to hold, record & then propagate these protests.

If you think Mama Qadeer is just a human rights campaigner & a man who believes in non-violence, then you are terribly wrong!

He is a terror sympathizer, who not only believes in violence but here he is in India asking Indian PM Modi for arms & ammunition to kill Pakistanis:

If you think Mama Qadeer’s demanding arms from India for terrorism in Pakistan is just an emotional outburst, due to his son being a missing persons, wrong again.

Becaus his son Abdul Jalil Reki was a dangerous #BLA terrorist killed in an armed confrontation with LEAs.

Here is Mama Qadeer admitting to the fact that it was LEAs who informed him after his son got killed in an armed engagement.

He doesn’t even claim his son’s innocence. But expresses pride in his terrorist son, who used armed violence & died spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

Reality behind facade of ‘missing persons campaign’ in the name of human rights is that it’s a racket setup by Mama Qadeer to project the political ideology of separatist terrorism.

As soft image of violence by BSO-Azad: student wing of terror orgs #BLA, UBA, BRA, BLF, LEB.

Before we look at what is BSO-Azad, it’s important to note Balochistan’s deprivation is no different than economically deprived areas of Punjab, Sindh & KPK.

But hostile powers via leftist groups have used baloch rights as a fault-line to harm development in Pakistan.

Pakistani leftist groups: leftist student organizations, leftist political activists, leftist intellectuals, marxist academics, leftist journalists & opinion makers etc were patronized by Soviet communists as described by KGB Agent Uri Bezmenov, who served in India in 1970.

In addition to Awami league, leftists were recruited by Soviet Union from National Awami Party-NAP (ANP) an ally of Awami League in 1970 elections.

Prominent are Ajmal Khattak & Afrasiyab Khattak from KPK
Sher Mohammad Marri & Hazar Khan Ramkani Marri from Balochistan.

After collapse of Soviet Union, India solely began using these leftist elements for sabotage & subversion in Balochistan to weaken Pakistan.

This strategy got a boost when Ajit Doval took over as head of operations at Indian Intel Bureau in 1995 & became head of IB in 2004.

Ironically enough, this entire campaign to sabotage Pakistan’s development & subvert the political stability in economically deprived province of Balochistan was exposed, not due to Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts but by a speech on Aug 15 2016 made by Indian PM Modi himself:

Indian strategy is to exploit baloch rights to strike at Pakistani statehood due to geographical difficulties, tribal structures & low levels of public education, and to keep the state of Pakistan’s focus away from India.

Indian ex Army Chief Bikram Singh explians:

Therefore, India has been pumping massive funds and resources into instigation & propagation of anti-state militancy not only in Balochistan but also in provinces of Sindh & KPK.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy adviser to Indian PM Modi explains these objectives of sabotage:

Current Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval explained his theory of ‘Defensive-Offense’ to students.

It involves sabotage & subversion of Balochistan & KPK to defeat Pakistan w/o nuclear war.

He oversaw Intel Ops against Pakistan for 11yrs by 2005 even before NSA.

Now what’s the proof of links b/w these nefarious Indian designs of promoting militancy & terrorism in Pakistan & Baloch student organizations leading youngsters towards sabotage & subversion of their own homeland?

Before we get to it, we need to know who the players are:

First is:
Baloch People’s Liberation Front-BPLF that later became Balochistan Liberation Army- #BLA:

In late 1960s Soviet & Indian intelligence agencies recruited Baloch Marxists to destabilize Pakistan.

2 of them founded #BLA:

1-Sher Mohammad Marri
2-Hazar Khan Ramkani

Sher Mohammad Marri was a fervent Marxist, who believed that Pakistan & Iran as US allies must be defeated, he led baloch youth into hills of Kohlu in 1966 to lead a Marxist revolution.

Nawab of Marri tribe Khair Buksh Marri, a Marxist himself provided him his full support.

Hazar Khan Marri was a Marxist & head of Ramkani Marri subclan of Marri tribe.

He led his clan into the mountains as well. Supplied by funds & arms from KGB via India & Afghanistan, he fought Pakistan army through late 60s & early 70s until Marris surrendered in Oct 1974.

Marris fighting for #BLA sought ideological support from Baloch Students Organization-BSO.

Student leader Jumma Khan Marri, son of Hazar Khan Marri acted as the link b/w leftist student groups & militants carrying out acts of terrorism in pursuit of their Marxist ideology.

Another prominent founding member of #BLA was Ali Mohammad Mengal.

He was a Marxist who also led baloch youth into hills of Jhalawan, in coordination with Marris of Kohlu.

He was provided full tribal support by Sardar Attaullah Mengal of Khuzdar, a leftist Marxist himself.

Mengals fighting for #BLA also sought support from Baloch Students Organization-BSO.

Student leader Asadullah Mengal, son of Ataullah Mengal acted as the link between leftist student groups & militants carrying out acts of terrorism in pursuit of their Marxist ideology.

It’s important to note that miltancy in Balochistan has never been a popular movement at grassroots level.

Out of hundreds of baloch tribes, militancy, terrorism & separatist politics has always revolved around same actors.

Principally Marri, Mengal & Bugti tribal Sardars.

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