1. In 2015 my husband and I started a small publishing business. We put out a series of ebooks that warned how witchcraft and occultism was infiltrating the church and particularly how it was negatively influencing black culture.
2. We sold our ebooks via social media, mostly Facebook. We were immediately attacked by leftists without even knowing there was such a thing as leftists. Newspapers wrote scathing articles about us; The Young Turks did a special video attacking my husband.
3. And that's when social media got in on the action. We paid to advertise on Facebook - more than $70K. They began to shadow-ban our content even though we were paying to have it promoted. Then they all but totally stifled our reach to drive our sales all the way down.
4. When 2016 rolled around it got even worse because we openly supported Trump. This had such a negative effect on our business that we actually found ourselves having to sleep out of our car a few times. Our small business and our income was virtually destroyed.
5. I was pregnant at the time and my husband was thankfully able to find work in his skilled trade. But we were literally attacked by the left in a vicious way, almost ruined, not fully understanding that we had stepped into a mine field where spirituality and politics collide.
6. We are just starting the process of rebuilding our small publishing business once more; this time more resolute than ever. The left tried to destroy us but God proved faithful during this most trying time. I wouldn't wish what we went through on anyone.
7. Plz keep us in your prayers. And never ever give up on God! I don't care what the enemy is putting you through right now. Know that God will never let go of you once you've embraced Him; so don't you let go either. Cling to Him like your life depends on it. Because it does.
8. And never give an inch to the left. Stand your ground. Fight for what's yours by right like we are fighting for our business. And don't quit believing that there are redeemable qualities about this country that are worth fighting for.
9. It is my honor to stand with so many of you as we embark on this #MAGA journey together. Together we will win. Better days are ahead. God bless.
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