I very rarely have the emotional capacity to fully articulate my @EmersonCollege title ix experience but Jim Hoppe was the one who allowed the appeal, which was in violation of the school’s policy, because he worked with this person since he was an RA. https://twitter.com/apurnyn/status/953846028095991808
Even after sanctions were upheld, Jim Hoppe attended an AdHoc meeting where this individual was present as a representative of an org, knowing full well it was in violation of his sanctions. He was also allowed to work at tap desk despite not being allowed in the dorms.
I have written about the entirety of what happened numerous times, but it has never felt right enough to post because it was literally such a shit show I get lost trying to put it all together. And it sucks. I want people to know. I want everyone to be held accountable.
But all I’ve got is a folder full of emails, screenshots and photos from the title ix investigation labeled “weird college college stuff”, trauma regression & feelings of invalidation.
I tried to continue fighting the school with outside resources but I was basically told there is no precedance for school’s violating sanctions/appeals. I had moved to LA, got a job and everyone thought I was a miserable bitch because they didn’t know what was going on.
It came to the point where I had to stop bc otherwise I would not have survived. I avoid everything about @EmersonCollege, i disengage if it comes up in conversation, I avoid people & the “communtiy” and try to will into reality that I never went there. But it always comes back.
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