This place is getting angry tonight so before I go to bed I will tell you the story of when I was in college and on a J1 in New York in 95. I was working as a hostess in an Italian restaurant in Manhattan run by Lebanese. I have stories about that too but they are verray dark...
Anyways the restaurant beside ours was owned by Patrick Swayze. I think it was called something like Bobby Gs but I could be wrong. We had never seen him there. Until one night... we heard he had showed up...
We (three staff) waited outside after our restaurant was closed bebause we heard he was inside. We were drinking all sorts of malarkey that we had stolen from our bastard boss. I was completely fluthered at this stage and needed a pee. So I went around the corner...
I found two cars and decided to pee between them. It was a long pee but then people arrived....
One said “oh I apologise, continue, so sorry”.
Mortified I tried to stand up but I hadn’t finished so I had to continue my long pee fest as one does.
The man looked familiar as he turned his back to me. I initially thought I knew him from UCG or Mayo or Roscommon but then I realised it was from Dirty Dancing. Easy mistake to make.
It was Patrick feckin’ Swayze himself flanked by bodyguards waiting for a pished girleen from Mayo to finish peeing between their cars. They stood aside and when I eventually stood up they were all worried about me and was I ok and safe etc.
I was drunk morto so not so much morto. Much more morto yrs later now after remembering that I asked (demanded) that Patrick Swayze say that line to me and he feckin did!
So Patrick Swayze said “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” to a drunk eejit from Mayo one night in Manhattan in 1995 and not only that made sure that I actually had friends waiting around the corner for their drunk baby.
Moral of this story is.... Patrick Swayze was an absolute doteen and if he was Irish would have supported Mayo.
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