Scientists who don't drink alcohol: How do you deal with the oftentimes booze-fueled nature of academic conferences, and ensure that you're not missing out on important networking opportunities that may come from late night socialization? #STEM #AcademicChatter
I'm realizing that the culture of these conferences reflects a lot of the white-dominated spaces IDed by @shamuskhan on college campuses.

Therefore, I wonder if you also need to address that element of power when thinking about supporting diversity in STEM/academia
And follow-on thought: Have #BlackinSTEM scientists found ways to navigate the drinking culture of conferences?

They seem so important for networking -> finding postdocs, but also seem like incredibly unwelcoming spaces (and for women as well).
Also clarification: I do drink, and being an Asian male from a well-known lab, I had the ability to navigate these spaces very easily. But I'm drafting thoughts for how the BRAIN Initiative can support "workforce diversity." (
It seems (vaguely) like conferences->postdocs->faculty positions, but if you can't access those opportunities (because they're unwelcoming/unsafe) then even getting women/BIPOC scientists to small conferences isn't sufficient
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