Just gonna throw some gasoline on this fire and draw a hard line here. Those of you pretending that mask wearing is a violation of your civil liberties are selfishly killing people, ruining our economy and are why we are still dealing with this epidemic writ large.
You want to talk about "love thy neighbor" PUT A FUCKING MASK ON. You don't have the right to make someone sick because of your choices. Just like you have freedom of speech but can't yell "FIRE" in a movie theater.This world where we are at war with facts because science doesn't
fit your personal solipsistic agenda is horrific. Facts are: Taiwan did NOT implement a lockdown, but had mandatory universal mask wearing. It has a population of 24 million and experienced 441 cases and 7 deaths.
And now here in the US...
New York, which had a lockdown (but not mandatory mask-wearing) has a population of 20 million. It had 353,000 cases and 24,000 deaths.
A FUCKING SNEEZE LAUNCHES YOUR GERMS FARTHER THAN 6 FEET! And you have the audacity to equate the idea of you having to wear a mask as if it's
assailing your personal freedoms WHILE INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE LITERALLY CAN'T GO OUTSIDE FOR A WALK is repugnant. The world is watching us and they are rolling their eyes from behind their masks.
This isn't a fucking revolution. #blacklivesmatter is a revolution. #4thofjuly was a revolution. You being a selfish ugly American who sees a personal minor inconvenience as rationale for perpetuating a disease that EVERY COUNTRY BUT US is on the other side of speaks to American
the kind of myopic masturbatory behavior that keeps us from any kind of progress. It's ruining our economy, it's ruining lives and all you can think about is how many fucking chili cheese nachos you can choke down on a patio while letting out a rebel howl about how free you are.
Cheers to you, you anti science, (most likely racist but this really applies to anyone who is dumb) fucking society bunion. Your boat rope belt doesn't put too much pressure on your fucking gut when you're circle jerk-back patting each other about keeping America free. Keep on
screaming "don't tread on me" while you suck back half off Margarita skin bacon shots on a patio. You did it, you stood up for yourself. This was totally what the constitution was talking about. And I'm sure I've offended everyone with this, I'm sure uber liberals will hate that
I said "Margarita" and the rest of you on the far right, well, I'm a Jewish woman so there is that. I side with neither of you. The only bleeding heart around here is gonna be yours when Covid eats your insides and exacerbates whatever pre existing medical condition you had. And
You got Covid because your idiot maskless friend was reading you my thread and he laughed at how sad it was that I was citing facts "because she used to be so hot" and you both laughed and laughed, unknowingly spitting into each other's mouths while toasting to yourselves
and your brilliant comprehension of all things you personally believe. Then you hugged goodbye. And then you went home, carrying this disease with you and, well, your Mom and Dad are visiting, because they don't believe in this hoax. Makes sense, who do you think
you got your brilliant scientific comprehension skills from. Your Mom says "Did you have fun at your corporate patio germ orgy?" And you say you did. Then you lean in to give Mom and Dad a hug and you head off to your bed, which is probably a giant bass you had stuffed then
decided to sleep on, just to show that dead bass who's boss. And you went to bed thinking it was nice to have things back to normal. Then, two weeks later, everyone died.
In conclusion: We are coming up on 4th of July, and it's one of my favorite holidays because I love my country so much. And I will be celebrating my country with tears in my eyes because I'm so fucking embarrassed how overshadowed decency is here.
We are showing the world that while it isn't all of us, ENOUGH of us don't believe in science, the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, #blacklivesmatter , gay rights, trans rights or anything that might make us not seem like monsters. So if you are reading this from somewhere WITH LESS COVID 19
WHICH IS LITERALLY ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE USA, just know that this is not the America we want. And, just since I have this thread going... Because 4th of July is coming up... All the Americans who say "I'm moving to Canada" because Trump became president or things are hard or
not how you voted... Get gone then. If you aren't willing to stay and advocate for change, do the work, vote, talk, listen and fight for the country you say you love, then go, you turncoat. I'm sick of the people who think loving America means sticking to some backwoods notion of
what freedom is. And I'm sick of people threatening to leave it because they didn't get their way. I'm a comic, I don't have a side, I think for myself and I shit on everyone equally. I will always be for progress. Love wins. Science wins. And if you think patriotism is blind
then so are you. "I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." James Baldwin
So. Please wear a mask. Do it for the neighbors you pretend to love. Do it for your parents. Do it because it costs you nothing and it means everything.
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