Artists I think its important we just scale our prices based on our audience. You will always be in a place where you're most likely undercharging -- but ultimately you decide if you want to price for your time or for accessibility and you can ALWAYS & SHOULD increase. (thread)
As a standard, I'm of the belief you should never price anything you're selling under the bare minimum of $15-$20. To children in fandom communities that amount of money can build up quick and makes things way more accessible to people who don't have jobs.
If you're an adult & you know you're mostly selling your art to kids keeping it a little low is fine, but seriously start increasing for your time once the amount of people requesting gets hectic, if you're constantly filling up 5-10 slots you need to be charging minimum $50-$100
And lastly let say none of these things apply to you and you are trying to make a living, charge high, charge a $100-$200 high and focus on curating your skills so people come to you, people with 30k+ followers being able to charge thousands of dollars is bcs theyre a namebrand
At the end of the day if you're charging low because you don't think your art is good enough thats not good, charge for your time at least. But if you're charging low because you're trying to be accessible that's totally fine just don't injure your self-esteem and worth over it
You will ALWAYS be undercharging everyone's art is worth hundreds and even thousands but everyone's audience and accessibility varies, just watch how time moves on and go from there, I'll even share how I USED to charge my art below:
These prices are ridiculous, and they were this low because my self esteem was bad not for accessibility, dont do this ever, that "Rough Sketch" option I had should've been the $15 cap I mentioned earlier.
These prices are better (icons starting at $15) but still low. I kept it this low because this was how much people were willing to pay and my audience was still small, it was fine for the time and honestly because of these prices people *came to me* seeing they could afford it
Eventually I went to about $20 for an icon & $95-$100 for an illustration and here is where I am post graduation. Yes this is still pretty low but the point is through all this I had money, food, and funds all the same for my situation at the time, and people liked what they got
Im a graduated student where now art is how I make a living, and my time is more valuable, so the prices increase. IfI'm ever with 10k-100k followers the prices will increase again, I'm determining this based on whats going on and that's just how it should be, it's fine
I just think it's useless to get on kids/people in fandom spaces who charge low because that's probably all the people surrounding that person at the time can afford & maybe they aren't trying to make a living right then and there. Just make sure y'all know not to stagnate.
Don't keep prices low based on your self esteem, increase at your will, always be willing to increase -- NEVER decrease, don't stay at a low price too long, and adapt. You art is worth it and as you grow so should what you earn from it.
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