Bitcoiners talking to Bitcoiners about Bitcoin is cool but it is time to take the conversation further.

So many conversations right now about societal problems, few addressing the inequity caused by the broken money system.

I'm looking to get non-Bitcoin people onto the pod!
I think "Bitcoin" puts some people off, because their understanding is often based on MSM headlines:
- 25-year-old Bitcoin billionaire
- Criminals and terrorists
- Hospital ransom attacks
Maybe the steps are:
- Identify how the money system is broken
- Sell the benefits of the Gold standard
- Why everything changed after 1971
- Bring back the gold standard
- Oh look, we have this thing which is better than Gold
On a personal level, I have been thinking of changing the name of the show, I worry that Bitcoin in the name is a barrier to opening up the wider conversation.

Thoughts welcome...
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