Manufacturing Consent Series:

Thread about how media fabricates a fake news... today's example is the lie that the MSM is spreading these days:

"Russians have payed Taliban to kill american soldiers in Afghanistan."

The old CIA operations director John Stockwell explains how THEY do the planting!

Right after other newspapers, TV channels and media figures give the news as a fact... and it spreads all over the world.

Here Charlie Savage writes as if it is confirmed when the article says... "If confirmed"!

4/9 https://twitter.com/charlie_savage/status/1276918670099349504?s=20
Here John Hudson (Washington Post) says he has confirmed the story... when the only source he has is the NYT article!

5/9 https://twitter.com/John_Hudson/status/1276735865008656386?s=20
Rachel Maddow doesn't loses time and spreads the news... already with an elaborated conspiracy theory!

The NYT is already known for supporting every war that Washington wants to wage and spread the "necessary" lies!

Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran...

8/9 https://twitter.com/sahouraxo/status/1277055919893831681?s=20
Manufacturing Consent series are examples of how the media changes people's perception of reality... to advance elites goals!

Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky demonstrated it in a magnificent book and film... ONE OF THEM IS MANDATORY!

9/9 https://u.nu/61sd0 
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