Americans have come to expect the hysteria from the left & mainstream media over the COVID-19 outbreak.

Yet again, here are some Arizona facts that you may not see from our local media.

First, Arizona saw another near-record day yesterday of COVID-19 discharges from hospitals!
Since June 1, Arizona has discharged over 4,000 COVID-19 patients from hospitals.

Yesterday marked the fourth straight day of discharges over 200.

This is great news, and a testament to the good care Arizonans are receiving from our health care professionals.
The percent of COVID-19 cases hospitalized in Arizona fell again yesterday to 6.25%.

Remember - just over two weeks ago, this number was 11%.
Yesterday, the Arizona mortality rate for COVID-19 fell to 2.15%.

On June 1, this number was 4.43%.
The number of COVID-19 patients seen in Arizona Emergency Departments has fallen in recent days.
The number of intubations performed in Arizona continues at a lower rate than in recent weeks.
AZ has 58% available bed space in our Emergency Departments.

COVID-19 remains serious for a vulnerable segment of AZ"s population, and we should take precautions to protect them.

But the generalized hysteria must be put into context, & we must move AZ forward.

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