BJP and Godi media is questioning area ceded by India in 1962. 43k sq km. Yes, it was a war, India fought and lost. Never hid the history or lied about it.
More important is what was happening before and after 1962.
India got its independence in 1947.
It had a task of merging princely states into the union. 562 of them. Patel n Menon along with Nehru n Mountbatten got into this act and most of the states became part of India between May and August 1947.


Piploda 1471 Sq Km
Jodhpur 93424 sq km
Junagadh 8643 sq km
Hyderabad 212000 sq km
Kashmir 101338 sq km
It took more than a year to get them into India.

In all 4,16,876 sq Km

Still left out were Portugal and French territories of Goa, Daman, Diu, Nagar Haveli, Pondicherry.
By 60-61 they all were part of India due to herculean efforts of Nehru, Patel and Indian Army.
Total area added were:
Goa: 3702 Sq Km
Daman, Diu, Nagar Haveli: 603 sq Km
Pondicherry: 20 Sq Km

It meant another 4325 sq km
Total area added after August 1947: 4,21,201 sq Km
Then India lost 43000 sq km to China in 1962.

Still, net gain was nearly 4 lac sq km by Nehru.

And India was just 15 year old, still building up after doing many heroic things like mentioned above.

It had learned its lessons militarily too. Could identify friends n foes.
1965, India gave a crushing defeat to Pakistan on western front.

1967, India gave a befitting response to China on Nathu La and Cho La clashes at Sikkim border.

1971, India decapitated Pakistan into two and annexed 1,47,570 Sq Km of it to create a new nation Bangladesh.
1975, India got Sikkim and 7096 sq km land into India.

Came 1999, India pushed back Pakistani forces from Kargil area of Ladakh.

So, in short, after the defeat in 1962, India never lost a war or ceded any area.
Why whataboutery of ’62 is being done now when we have moved on from there and have become a power to reckon with?
Summary: After 15th August 1947, India added 4,28,297 sq km to India; created a new nation with 1,47,570 sq Km and lost 43000 sq km.
Lost one and won 6 wars.
No one should get the right to question Nehru or Congress after reading this thread.

Either you are 56 inch or not.

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