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Logo symbolism have an inherent power in them due to the ancient symbols they co-opt: they are so effective at influencing
(1) people, in fact, that it may seem that the use of them transcends effective marketing into the realm of mind-control.

The effectiveness of these symbols depends on an understanding of the “collective unconscious”.
(2) This idea, in brief, posits that humans have a genetic memory of ancient memories of humanity; a remembrance of the same rites of passages, ideas, images, etc. and so forth.

This post will focus on the symbolism of shells...
(3) Seashells are almost universally loved, strewn along beaches like sea jewels.

Few realize, however, that for a great deal of human history shells played a vital role for man; they were used in everything from money to art.
(4) Stone Age people used seashells to adorn their jewelry, homes and boats.

In tropical countries, many tribes used shells as money. The Incas buried seashells with their dead.

Throughout history, architects and artists have incorporated shell motifs
(5) and symbolism into their work. Gothic cathedrals and the famous Alhambra in Spain are one example.

Shells have been found to decorate deities in the ruins of Pompeii.

As a result of these ancient uses, shells are embedded in our collective unconscious as a positive symbol.
(6) In Greek and Roman myth shells were the mystic symbol of prosperity and regeneration and, in their association with the sea, the source of fertility.

We all came from the sea, as we all came from our mother’s womb; the shell thus became symbolic of the
(7) mythic birth of the goddess (i.e., Venus, Aphrodite, etc.).

For this reason, the shell was representative of the Female Deity in pagan worship, and was associated with love, birth, rebirth, manifestation, reproduction and the association of all things we think of when
(8) we think of the sea romantically.

In Roman mythology, Venus, the goddess of love and fertility, was said to be created from the foam carried ashore atop a scallop shell.

Many paintings of Venus depict a scallop shell to identify her. One example is Botticelli’s
(9) classically inspired The Birth of Venus or “Venus on the half-shell.”

Thus, the Pagan seashell symbol is part of us, our “collective unconscious", with positive connotations.
(10) Part of the red pill process is to understand how symbolism and archetypes are hidden in plain sight....

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